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Zendesk: Top 5 Customer Experience Trends to Watch Out in 2023 and Beyond

The event was held in English
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Key takeaways

Strategies that leading CX organizations will use to remain competitive in 2023 from Zendesk CX Accelerator report
Five big bets that will help you to turn your customer service into the engine of growth in the nearest future
Practical case: Hands-on experience on how to build stronger relationship with your customer from Productpine
It’s demo time: See Zendesk solution in action

Watch the webinar video

Watch the video


Vita Usatyuk
Customer Experience and Multichannel Support Expert, Cloudfresh
A specialist in customer experience and success, and a Zendesk Knowledge Carrier at Cloudfresh. Vita has helped many clients from various industries build state-of-the-art customer support in their companies. She has many years of experience working with solutions and implementing Zendesk products for multiple companies, from start-ups to large enterprise customers. Vita has valuable expertise in providing various Zendesk professional services, such as implementation, administration, training, and auditing.
Yannick den Boer
Operations Manager, Productpine
Yannick is the Operations Manager and Product Owner at Productpine, a Dutch marketplace startup that aims to turn shopping into do-good shopping. Having a Business and Data Science background, he combines his knowledge to automate tasks in his organization. Yannick is responsible for building new features to ensure that the fast-growing company can scale up quickly without any hiccups. This ranges from managing the Zendesk implementation and its unique working method to working with developers and building and integrating new tools, such as automated price matching on the platform.
Güçlü Bilgi
Enterprise Account Executive - Commercial Segment, Zendesk
Güçlü is a Sales Professional and Account Executive at Zendesk, managing customers from several countries in the CEE region. Having a management and engineering background, he mainly focuses on business applications for Customer Experience, CRM, and HR practices. Having been a part of many successful projects as a consultative advisor, functional lead, and team leader, Güçlü works with his clients to better align their business applications stack to their business goals and vision. Conversational CRM and AI are the recent technologies he anticipates as the game changer concepts in the future of CX. Güçlü likes asking questions, probing into business processes, and coming up with creative insights and models for the future of businesses.