Cloud Blog – Try simple, reliable and secure video conferencing with Google Meet

Try simple, reliable and secure video conferencing with Google Meet

Connect your audience with video classes, parent-teacher conferences, professional development and more. As part of Google Workspace for Education, Meet integrates seamlessly with other products such as Classroom, Slides, Docs, and Gmail.


Easy to use: connect and collaborate with easy-to-use video conferencing

In free version:

  • Calls from anywhere, on any device just tap and join the conversation without plugins or downloads;
  • High-quality video and audio on multiple operating systems and devices, optimized even for low bandwidth;
  • Easy integration with Classroom and other Google Workspace for Education products to make your work more efficient;
  • Ability to add multiple moderators to make the call process easier.

In the paid version:

  • Save recorded meetings directly to Google Drive and share them with students to help them stay on top of lessons (available to Education Fundamentals clients through 2021).
  • Track attendance with reports that are automatically sent to the meeting initiator.


Management: deliver effectively in a safer learning environment

In the free version:

  • Prevent unwanted guests from entering the meeting using security codes and automatic blocking of anonymous visitors;
  • Remove people from a meeting and manage bulk join requests;
  • End a meeting for everyone and control who joins the call even if there is no host;
  • Managing which participants can write to chat or make a presentation;
  • Mute individual participants or all of them at once
  • Apply security settings to your domain and gain insight into how people are using Meet at your school using the Admin Console.

In the paid version:

  • End any meeting in your organization directly from the management tool;
  • Identify, sort, and take action on security and privacy issues with Meet logs in the management tool.


Engagement: maintain student engagement with inclusive teaching and learning features 

In the free version:

  • Add up to 100 participants to one conference and view up to 49 participants on the screen;
  • Live captions in different languages;
  • Virtual hand raising and digital whiteboards.

In the paid version:

  • Add up to 250 participants;
  • Use breakout rooms to divide classes into smaller groups;
  • The ability to conduct live broadcasts in various languages in real time;
  • Public live streams that anyone outside your school domain can attend, making it easy to host Student Council meetings, events, and more.


Safe and Secure: protect your community with advanced security, speed, scalability and reliability

With Google Meets, you can ensure high quality video even during busy times with an infrastructure that supports billions of user services such as Google Search, YouTube and Gmail. When you enter the platform, your data is automatically encrypted and the system itself adheres to strict educational standards, including COPPA, FERPA and GDPR. Another advantage of Meet is complete freedom from advertising and the confidentiality of personal information.

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