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Organizing work with Google Workspace

In the fall of 2020, Google launched Workspace Tools for the first time. After a year of operation, the company receives a lot of positive reviews from various companies – large institutions and IT leaders, and now, a year later, the company is pleased to present its new updates and improved functionality that will be waiting for Workspace users in the near future.

The main goal of Google Workspace was to create an environment that would ideally allow companies to work efficiently in a post-pandemic world. Even after being vaccinated, many companies continue to work remotely or at least allow their employees to work on a hybrid model. Under these conditions, it is very important to maintain the involvement of all employees, in different time zones and working in different conditions.

Google Workspace essentials are the result of a personal transformation experience at Google. Manage time properly with Calendar, use Google Meet for webinars, use the Google API to enable interactive meetings online, and other features that make remote work easier and more convenient.

Google continues to improve and facilitate the company’s hybrid model of operation with new communication and collaboration apps that we will now share with you.


Frontline employee engagement

As a rule, service workers, doctors, security personnel, and other employees who interact directly with clients/customers/other people do not have the same communication tools as employees who are responsible for the operational part of the work.

So Google will soon launch Google Workspace Frontline, a tool to help employees communicate on the front line. It will provide employees with a communication channel through which they can get the information they need when they need it. At the same time, Workspace Frontline is a solution that will provide communication and collaboration applications such as Gmail, Chat, Docs, Drive, and more. Also, teams can now create AppSheet apps directly from Google Sheets and Drive in an even easier way.


Time management

Google also introduced a new Google Assistant as one of the Google Workspace multiple domains, which will perform a number of functions such as:

  • Fast joining with online fees;
  • Operational check of the schedule in the calendar;
  • Fast message sending.

Since many employees have switched to a hybrid model, that is, working periodically (for example, for 3 hours in a row with a break), the application will also help to find a balance between personal life and work. The employee working hours alert feature, segmented working hours, repeating off-site recordings, and location metrics help enable employees to share their availability and location with their colleagues. Meanwhile, a new type of event – Focus Time – allows people to minimize distractions by limiting notifications during these events with Google assistant.


Increased responsiveness

This is another unique feature that streamlines the meeting process in the Google Meet collaboration app. Soon, Google will add split-screen functionality for those using a mix of devices to host their meetings, such as Google Meet equipment for those in conference rooms and the Nest Hub Max for those at home.

For those who are accustomed to hosting conferences from mobile devices, Google shrinks large screens to fit the size of the phone screen. Finally, to give teams even more ways to connect and collaborate, the company is adding chat, Jamboard and calendar to Google Workspace Essentials.


Building a future model of work

Work over the past two years can be easily described with one slogan: “flexibility in the face of change.” Therefore, Google assistant continues to improve the functionality of Workspace, as the model of work changes.

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