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HP Chromebase All-In-One Desktop

Powered by an Intel® processor, the HP Chromebase 21.5-inch All-in-One Desktop is designed to live at the heart of your home. With a unique 90-degree rotating screen, you can easily pivot between online learning with Google Classroom to watching entertainment easily. It comes with a camera privacy switch and parental controls that give you peace of mind.

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Acer Chromebase

The beautifully shaped 24” all-in-one design, with a diamond cut stand provides excellent visibility in all light conditions. The FHD 1920x1080 IPS narrow bezel touch display is anti-glare and capable of tilting. Chrome OS™ provides a more streamlined experience for customer-facing scenarios and shared workstations.

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Lenovo Solutions for Google Meet

Lenovo – Google Meet hardware is a modernized solution with an approachable and reliable design suited for any space that is easy to install and manage.

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ASUS Solutions for Google Meet

ASUS – Google Meet hardware is the latest smart one-touch video-conferencing solution with HD visuals for Google Meet. Three ASUS – Google Meet hardware kits are available to suit any meeting room and provide an effective solution for organizations of any size.

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Logitech Solutions for Google Meet

The Logitech Room solutions for Google Meet are made up of high-quality components that make installation in any room size and configuration stress-free. Built-in cable retention and strain relief keep connections secure and cables in place.

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Google Meet Hardware Annual License

Fast, effective, and easy video meetings for all your rooms and spaces with Google Meet Hardware license

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Google Meet Series One by AVOCOR

Avocor and Google share a strategic partnership, aimed at commitment to better, more immersive meeting experiences and bringing meeting equity to the more than 6 million businesses that use Google Workspace. Avocor has expanded the Google Meet hardware ecosystem, designed to bring you a better choice and flexibility – for teams to connect, create, and collaborate – with two new Series One products developed in collaboration with Avocor.

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Innovative and cloud-based touch screen allowing to create, plan and implement business ideas by all team members wherever they are located.

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Elevate Your Meetings with Google Meet Hardware: Seamless Collaboration, Effortless Setup

Tired of grainy video calls and muffled audio that hinder your productivity? Revolutionize your video conferencing experience with Google Meet Hardware, a suite of innovative solutions designed to enhance collaboration, professionalism, and ease of use. Whether you’re a small team huddled in a huddle room or a large enterprise hosting global meetings, there’s a Google Meet Hardware solution perfectly tailored to your needs.

Effortless Setup, Powerful Performance:

Forget complicated setups and wasted minutes fiddling with technology. Google Meet Hardware solutions are plug-and-play, allowing you to jump straight into your meetings with ease. Enjoy crystal-clear audio thanks to noise-canceling microphones and immersive video with high-resolution cameras. Experience reliable connections and smooth performance, even with large groups and bandwidth-intensive presentations.

Tailored Solutions for Every Space:

Whether you’re brainstorming in a huddle room or presenting to a global audience, Google Video Conference Hardware offers a variety of options to match your environment. Choose from compact kits for small spaces or versatile solutions for larger conference rooms. With options for multiple screen layouts and powerful processing, you can customize your setup to foster seamless collaboration and engagement.

Unleash the Power of Google Meet Features:

Google Meet Hardware kit integrates seamlessly with the familiar Google Meet platform you already know and love. Enjoy features like real-time captions, noise cancellation, and intelligent meeting recording, all designed to boost productivity and accessibility.

Seamless Management and Scalability:

Manage your entire Google Meet Conference Room hardware ecosystem with ease through the intuitive Google Workspace Admin console. Deploy, update, and monitor your devices remotely, ensuring smooth operation and consistent performance across your organization. Scale your hardware solutions effortlessly as your business grows, ensuring everyone has the tools they need for effective video conferencing.

Ready to experience the future of video conferencing? 

Contact Cloudfresh, a leading Google Cloud and Google Workspace partner, to find the perfect Google Meet Hardware solution for your needs. Our expert team will help you select the right hardware, configure it seamlessly, and provide ongoing support to ensure your meetings are always productive and professional.

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