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How to earn customer loyalty and retention

In 2021, it is not enough just to make a client buy your product. It is important to make him want to buy something one more time. And be sure, that in case of choice between your company and another one, he will definitely choose yours. Client retention and client loyalty are two different factors. 

Building up a trust relationship is always a two-way street. Now we are going to find out how to win a customer over to your company and how to measure interest in buying your product. 

How to increase customer engagement

Answering this question you should understand that this is like answering “How to keep customer retention?”. Due to showing your company is good and, at least, your command consists of good people, you can use the next tips: 

  • Help new clients. By answering the questions they will have, you show concern and support on their way of making a purchase; 
  • Create a great first impression. Everything from your website to communicating with your managers will say a lot about your company. As a rule, even after one unpleasant experience, the client will switch to another company. Therefore, you have only one chance to catch his attention;
  • Express your gratitude. The best way to show your appreciation is to offer a promotional code for a discount or a loyalty program.

Increase loyalty for a deeper connection 

Making a good first impression is just the first step. There are more several ways to make customers rely on your company:

  • Respond promptly. More than 60% of customers value it the most when they have a quick response. Make sure that the client is provided with all the necessary means of communication, such as WhatsApp messengers or Facebook Messenger to save time for both parties. 
  • Be honest with your clients. Always say the real price, provide all the necessary information, and admit the mistakes. The client is always right, in any case.
  • Check the feedback. For every person, it is important to be heard. While responding to client’s feedback you can communicate with your customers, thereby showing that their opinion is important to you. It is also a good way to improve and adapt to the customers’ needs.
  • Be on the same page with your customers. Branded stickers gifted for purchase, small sweets along with packaging, or just catchy posts on social networks. All these hacks attract customers and sometimes even leave a pleasant impression. 

How to measure customer engagement

There are several metrics for analyzing customer engagement that you can use to be aware of the need to improve customer engagement. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). Its data is collected by using one question at the end of the customer experience, and it sounds like “Are you satisfied with the service?”. The number of people who indicated that they are satisfied forms the CSAT score.
  2. Net Promoter Score (NPS). Based on a survey of whether customers will recommend your company to friends or family after their experience. 
  3. Customer retention rate. Shows the percentage of customers who use your company services for a long time.
  4. Customer churn rate. Accordingly, it shows the percentage of customers who refused your company’s services. Customer churn is inevitable, but a high rate is a signal for some fast changes. 

Improve your CX (Customer Experience) and build long-term customer relationships

All the above tips can be combined into one concept – customer experience or CX for short. Even if your products are the best in the world, but your customer support is lame, you won’t be able to retain customers.

Increase and improve your customer support tools with help of modern Zendesk omnichannel support tools. It can help you to increase customer loyalty and customer retention. 

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