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Google is changing the future of the gaming industry

Stadia is Google’s innovative platform for playing video games on various screens.

This week, Google announced a bold vision for the future of gaming with Stadia, a new cloud gaming platform that promises to revolutionize the industry by completely changing the way games are played and developed.

Google has no plans to build gaming hardware such as a console or set-top box. Harrison, CEO of Stadia, says: “”We don’t need it. We have been packaging media and games for the past 40 years. From the 1970s until yesterday, games were device-centric, but today we’ve gotten rid of the extra tech, giving game developers an entire data center and complete device independence. So we don’t need a console, and that’s it. »

Cross-platform gaming, powered by Google’sGoogle’s cloud platform, creates an unprecedented audience of connected gamers worldwide. Google Cloud Platform synchronizes data between mobile devices, consoles, and PCs and allows you to centrally manage the game from the cloud. Today, the best games combine the client and the cloud into a single platform, creating a common gaming space.

Harrison argues that in an ideal world, Stadia does not make other platforms obsolete but creates all the new experiences that can only exist in the cloud gaming world.

Google Cloud Platform goes beyond dedicated servers and hosting for mobile, PC, and console gaming. Run your game’s server infrastructure on Google’sGoogle’s world-class infrastructure and manage digital content, promote collaboration between players and real-time multiplayer, and stream new content to players on any gaming platform without needing an update on the client.

What are the advantages of Stadia?

  • Play anywhere, anytime
  • Play from any device: laptops, computers, individual phones, and tablets. All you need is high-speed internet.
  • A new way to play with YouTube and beyond
  • From watching videos to playing video games is just one click away. Enjoy video games regardless of the power and size of your device.
  • 4K HDR video 60 fps
  • Play comfortably with perfect HDR graphics quality and high frame rates.
  • Game without obstacles
  • No updates or downloads. Dive into the game without any hesitation.
  • Daily Upgrades

Stadia’s cloud infrastructure evolves in response to the demands of YouTube players, developers, and creators.

The company will soon announce the launch date for the Stadia platform: a platform that will change the world of PC gaming forever.

Cloud platforms undoubtedly help developers create the future today: create mobile applications on GCP, use complex game analytics and game server hosting, and use DeNA & BigQuery for high-speed data processing and Cloud SQL.

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