Google for Education

Set of training services Google Apps for Education in Ukraine

A free set of communication and cooperation tools, including Google Classroom, Gmail, Docs and Drive solutions that enable students and teachers to work and learn together wherever they are. Enhance cooperation and communication at school and after classes by expanding opportunities to educate future generations. Google for Education is a reliable, easy-to-use cloud-based solution that increases the effectiveness of the learning process and provides teachers with resources to create educational strategies to train future leaders.

Innovative way of learning

Effective management of administrative tasks

Due to its simple configuration, G Suite for Education simplifies fulfillment of repetitive tasks and makes focusing on learning easier. The system is updated automatically, thus ensuring availability of its latest features to students and teachers.

Unlimited learning

Teachers and students can join the learning process at any time and access mail, files, tasks and course materials from any computer or mobile device.

Free and secure management

Google G Suite for Educational Institutions is a free tool for schools and universities with the best security level in its class, flexible access control system, and access policies.

More time for feedback

Teachers can track the success and dynamics of their students. By using a variety of functions, teachers can work one-on-one or with the whole class. By using simplified workflows, they will be able to provide meaningful and personalized recommendations to students with ease.

Education tools at any place and at any time

All G Suite for Education tools contain no advertisements and do not gather user information for further advertising purposes.

  • loading Google Classroom
  • loading Gmail
  • loading Google Docs
  • loading Google Sheets
  • loading Google Slides
  • loading Drive
  • loading Calendar
  • loading Forms
  • loading Jamboard
  • loading Sites
  • loading Hangouts
  • loading Groups
  • loading Management center

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