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Chrome Education Upgrade

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Main characteristics

  • Managed access

The Chrome Education Upgrade (CEU) empowers educational institutions, teachers, and students to maximize their potential through advanced Google for Education services and ChromeOS devices.

The CEU license integrates a suite of innovative tools to cultivate a tech-savvy and time-efficient environment in schools eager to enhance Chrome device management during their educational processes. Elevate beyond the standard Chrome Enterprise license by upgrading to unlock the full capabilities of ChromeOS devices.

Streamlined Upgrade

Forget about manual upgrades! The CEU license provides the automatic upgrade feature for all devices in a single network. Users can set up the update schedule and extend service time for all ChromeOS devices.

Advanced Security

Choose the Chrome Education Upgrade license to manage security settings by customizing the access options to all the apps and accounts available across all the ChromeOS devices in your network:

  • Lockdown for Stolen/Hacked Devices
  • Automate Group or Individual Access
  • Create Flexible Security Rules from the Admin Console
  • Safely Deploy Third-Party Apps

Easy Management

With the CEU license, Chromebook device management gets easier and more profound:

  • Enable Login Restrictions – for all school-owned ChromeOS devices during school hours
  • Activate the Off-Hours feature to set up guest accounts for after-school hours
  • Easily view recent user activity on a single device or all PCs/laptops
  • Automatically re-enroll devices after they have been reset
  • Allow no sign-up access for shared devices, enabling students to quickly access any Chrome device during their lab/library time
  • Enable safe browsing by blocking any inappropriate content to protect and reduce distractions
  • Manage students’ access to Internet resources during quizzes and tests by restricting external page visiting
  • Seamless Deployment

    Easily deploy your Chromebooks with the Zero-touch Enrollment service provided by our tech experts or independently through the Google Admin console. Via the Admin Console, you also have the ability to monitor device usage and detect potential cyber threats through comprehensive reporting tools, automate device re-enrollment, deploy security updates, and remotely lock lost or stolen devices, all from one centralized platform.

    Expert Support

    Chrome Education Upgrade includes ChromeOS troubleshooting assistance. In case you encounter any challenges, reach out to the Cloudfresh team. We’re here to support you at any time, solving any technical issues, all at no additional Chrome Education Upgrade cost.

    The CEU license offers over 20 EdTech solutions for teachers, students, and parents to enhance the default Chromebook management software for schools. Enhance, control, manage, and secure your study workflow most productively!


    Managed access

    Take control of what resources users can access. Block end users from logging into Chromebooks, restrict access to certain sites and content, and enable identity-free usage for shared devices.

    Streamlined Upgrade

    Automatic update function for all devices.

    Advanced Security

    Customize device security, automate access, and safely deploy apps.

    Easy Management

    Enable login restrictions, guest access, monitor activity, and ensure safe browsing.

    Seamless Deployment

    Deploy and manage Chromebooks effortlessly with Zero-touch Enrollment.

    Expert Support

    Get ChromeOS support from Cloudfresh without extra cost.