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Google Voice Premium License

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Main characteristics

  • Suitable for global enterprises;
  • Advanced business telephony features such as Advanced reporting (BigQuery), and Automatic call recording;
  • Location: Domestic, regional and international.

Opt for Google Voice Premium license, a user-friendly telephone system that caters to organizations of all sizes, to improve connectivity and streamline operations. It is an optional paid subscription for any Google Workspace edition, and various plans are available to cover Voice users. With Google Voice Premium benefits, users can enjoy spam call protection and voicemail transcription with a phone number that works on all devices. Premium Google Voice integrates with Google Meet and Calendar, with more integrations on the horizon.

Google provides a SIP Link Standard or Premier subscription for countries with unavailable first-party calling. A list of such countries is found on the Rules for SIP Link Subscription Only Countries page.

You can buy Google Voice Premium here, or contact us to learn more about Voice’s discounted pricing or to gain insights on nonprofit organizations.

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Number of users

Google Voice Premium features:
Unlimited text messages* (in available markets)
Forward calls to linked numbers
Voicemail transcripts
Do not disturb based on Calendar working hours
Identify incoming Google Meet calls
Mobile apps: Android and iOS
Web application
Technical support 24/7
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Use and activity reporting
Calls to the US from any Google Voice number included**
Calls to Canada from a Canadian or US Google Voice number included**
Calls to most European countries from within Europe included**
Google Fi Compatible (US only)
On-demand call recording
SIP Link
Desk phone and ATA support
Auto attendants
Desk-phone compatibility
eDiscovery for calls, text messages, and voicemail
Ring groups
Export Voice activity to BigQuery
Automatic call recording

* If you send a large number of text messages within a short period or if your recipients flag your messages as spam, Voice may restrict your ability to send more messages for a temporary period.
** For a comprehensive list of calling rates applicable to calls made through your Voice number, please refer to Google Voice's calling rates ( Please note that these rates do not apply to SIP Link.