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Google Meet Hardware License (Annual)

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Main characteristics

  • Required for Google Meet Hardware and Google Workspace Calendar.
  • Allows to set up and run remote meetings quickly and easily.
  • Provides you with 24/7 Google support.
  • Includes the possibility to manage devices through Google Workspace Admin Panel.

A Google Meet Hardware License works with a Google Meet Hardware device and Google Workspace Calendar. It makes setting up and running remote video meetings a quick and easy experience. It is required for Google Meet Hardware and also Chromebox for Meetings devices to work with Google Workspace versions.

This license provides 24/7 support from Google and the ability to manage your device through the Google Workspace Admin Panel. The enrollment process is quick and easy with the onscreen wizard, and your license will be prorated to end on the same date as your first license. 

In the event of hardware failure or replacement, you can switch the license from the existing device to a new one. Google Chromebox for Meetings (Annual) is compatible with any Google Meet Hardware KitAvocorSeries One Board 65 and 27, LenovoGoogle Meet Series One, Logitech Room Solution for Google Meet, Asus Google Meet Kit, Acer Chromebase for Google Meet. Google Meet Hardware License cost is 240€/250$ per year.

Manage Google Meet Hardware 

Use the Google Admin console to view, modify, and update settings for Google Meet hardware. You need to be an administrator to sign in and access the settings.

The following features and reports for Google Meet Hardware become available for you as a Google Workspace Administrator: 

  1. Room Configuration: Administrators can configure the settings of a Google Meet Hardware room, including setting the display name and enabling or disabling some features.
  2. Room Diagnostics: Administrators can view comprehensive diagnostics for each room, such as whether the microphone and speakers are working correctly and whether the video is streaming in the right way. 
  3. Usage Reports: Administrators can view usage reports to track the number of meetings, participants, and time spent in each room. 
  4. Device Management: Administrators can manage the devices connected to each room, including adding or removing devices, changing settings, and updating software. 
  5. Network Configuration: As an Administrator, you can configure the network settings for each room, including setting the Wi-Fi network and assigning IP addresses. 
  6. Security Settings: Administrators can set security settings such as encryption and authentication to ensure the safety and privacy of each scheduled meeting.



View, modify, and update settings for your Google Meet hardware using the functionality of the Google Admin console:
• Remote management—Manage meetings remotely from a different location.
• Enrollment—View all the hardware devices enrolled in your domain.
• Device name—Change your device name to something specific and relevant (for example, the conference room where the device is located).
• Autozoom—Turn on the continuous framing control of the camera.
• Calendar assignment—Associate a device with a Google Calendar so users can book a meeting room. The name of the meeting will automatically appear on that room's Google Meet hardware display.
• Device information—View and edit any hardware device settings.
• Reboot rules—Decide how regularly a device should automatically reboot.
• Device status—Deprovision a device or move it to the "Pending state" to re-enroll it.
• Time zone—Change the time zone of your device.
• Occupancy Detection—Turn on occupancy detection.
• Global Dialing—Participants can dial in or add people by phone to the meeting using an increased set of numbers.