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Chrome Enterprise Upgrade License (Annual)

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Main characteristics

  • Remotely manage through a cloud-based console.
  • 500+ advanced policies, inc. accessibility controls, network file shares, print controls, and more.
  • Easy configurate and deploy with pre-set policies.
  • Deploy apps and extensions without imaging devices.
  • 24/7 IT admin support.
  • 30 day free trial with enrollment of up to 50 devices

Here you can buy a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade license, which allows you to quickly and securely manage Chrome devices using the Google Workspace Admin Console.

Drop ship devices 

With an easy 3-step process, drop-ship devices directly to employees ready to be signed in with automatically zero-touch enrollment (Buy-Ship-Ready to use!). 

Advanced security 

Use Chrome Device Management to wipe or disable devices remotely, force re-enrollment, and enable sign-in restrictions to ensure data remains in the right hands. 

Manage updates at your own pace 

With a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade license, choose to roll out feature updates with the added option for a long-term support channel, with an opportunity to do it gradually or automatically. 

Reporting and insights 

Pull handy reports with 7-day active metrics, OS versions, and crash reports. 

Granular controls 

Using Chrome OS Enterprise Upgrade, enable single sign-on, identity-free login, and configure printer and Wi-Fi settings. 

Scalable, cloud-based management 

Manage devices remotely by using the Google Admin console’s functionality and third-party UEM solutions or the Chrome Policy API to manage at scale.

Multiple identity options for different use cases

  • User-free sessions with Managed Guest Sessions, which enable data to be erased after a device reboot,
  • Use logged-in users for saving settings, files, and apps.


Security at the DNA level

Advanced security
Lost and stolen prevention
Stop data theft by disabling devices that have been lost or stolen remotely.

Persistent enrollment
Ensure devices are enrolled in management, even if the device is the factory reset.

Application verified access
As a requirement to provide a service, allow third-party applications to understand the managed state of a device.

Login controls
Block employees into managed ChromeOS devices in case of unauthorized accounts while logging.

Ephemeral mode
Guarantee user data is wiped from the device upon session logout.

Granular device controls
• Enable and disable device policies. Enable and disable device policies, or keep the policies set to preset defaults with confidence.
•Configure local and network printers. Configure user and printer settings, with the availability of adding and removing printers for all users or specific groups.
• Set up networks and proxies. Set up Wi-Fi and VPN networks, ethernet, and network certificates for managed devices enrolled in your organization.
• Manage client certificates. Manage and provision both user and device certificates for authentication of internal web resources.
• Control OS and feature updates. Choose to roll out updates gradually or automatically with the added option for the long-term support (LTS) channel.

Reporting and insights. Device reporting and insights

Analyze reports of your ChromeOS devices to gather valuable fleet and usage information. Report types include:
• 7-day active metrics: Shows the unique ChromeOS devices your user has signed into within the past week.
• Boot mode: Shows boot mode for all your devices.
• Devices count by version: Shows the number of your devices running a version of ChromeOS.
• Device release channel: Shows the release channel of your current devices.
• OS version policy compliance: Shows whether the device's OS version complies with the OS specified by your organization's policy.
• Auto expiration (AUE) report: Shows the number of devices expiring each month of the selected time frame. Export your report data to a Google Sheet or download it as a CSV file.

Use the Google Admin console to set over 500+ policies, including accessibility controls, network file shares, print controls, auto-update settings, guest sessions, and more.

Native Azure AD integration
Provide end users with a familiar login experience that integrates directly with existing Active Directory infrastructure.

Advanced SAML SSO
Enable end users to easily log into their devices and applications with SAML SSO integration.

Third-party UEM
Set policies and remotely orchestrate your devices with industry-leading UEM providers.

Chrome Policy API
Manage Chrome policies at scale with custom scripts using the Chrome Policy API.

Chrome Management Telemetry API
Monitor the operation and health of ChromeOS devices using the Chrome Management Telemetry API.

Saving money

Increase effective working time.Minimize the risk of data loss from lost devices and accessories.Reduction of time and costs associated with training.

Maximum control

Precise controls that include more than 200 device policies and features. Flexible mobility management system. Manage your Chrome OS devices flexibly and efficiently. Set up permissions settings for extensions, applications, proxies, and more.