Google Chrome Enterprise Annual License

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  • Built-in security with many levels of protection.
  • Increasing effective working hours.
  • Minimize the risk of data loss from lost devices and accessories.
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Google Chrome Enterprise is a Chrome IT management license that helps you manage and integrate your Chrome OS devices with Chrome users for maximum engagement. Easily control user access to information, applications, and extensions, knowing that your data is stored securely. Chrome Enterprise enhances the speed, simplicity and security of Chrome OS – unlocks additional controls and functionality that organizations need to manage their device systems.

Security at the DNA level Built-in security with many levels of security.Artificial Intelligence threat detection. – Regular updates every six weeks.Company and employee data is always protected with multi-layer cross-protection, and you can always keep everything under control by remotely managing devices and auditing their use.Decreasing dependency on your stability, on-premises IT managers or unstable services
Saving money Increase effective working time.Minimize the risk of data loss from lost devices and accessories.Reduction of time and costs associated with training.
Maximum control Precise controls that include more than 200 device policies and features.Flexible mobility management system.Manage your Chrome OS devices flexibly and efficiently.Set up permissions settings for extensions, applications, proxies, and more.
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