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Google Workspace Business Starter

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Main characteristics

  • Personalized business email
  • Conduct video meetings with up to 100 participants
  • 30 GB storage per user
  • Robust security and management protection controls
  • Included standard support

Google Workspace Business Starter consolidates all your productivity tools into a single, user-friendly solution, fostering collaboration among individuals, teams, and companies, enabling them to deliver their best work together. 

Google Business Starter offerings support the needs of your business:

  • Flexibility for forefront workers
  • A modern and complete combination of mail and calendar 
  • Superior security and compliance from the top-leading company

All of your famous tools include: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Jamboard, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Keep, Google Sites, and Google Forms.

With the integration of Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite), you can significantly decrease IT expenses while gaining access to suite of teamwork tools. By adopting this solution, you can eliminate the need to purchase other licenses and manage servers. Additionally, all the necessary software is already bundled within the package Google Workspace Business Starter Subscription, and your data is securely stored in the cloud, enabling seamless access from any device at any time.

Gmail Professional email

  • Enjoy the advantage of a corporate secure ad-free email powered by Gmail, and with other essential tools in Google Workspace Business Starter plan. 
  • Create a unique customer experience with a company interacting by your mailbox, like
  • Including phishing and spam protection, effectively blocking over 99.9% of malicious attacks.

Meet for Video and audio conferencing

  • Participate in secure video meetings from your laptop or any preferred device, with the capability to accommodate up to 100 participants and the flexibility of extended meeting durations of up to 24 hours. 
  • Enhance collaboration with digital whiteboarding capabilities, fostering creativity and effective communication during meetings.
  • Additionally, gain audio connectivity for US or international dial-in phone numbers.

Drive Secure cloud storage – 30 GB per user

  • Experience Google Drive for desktop, enabling fast synchronization and access to your files across devices. 
  • With support for over 100 file types, you can manage and collaborate on various document formats in your workflow.

Chat – Team messaging

  • Engage group and individual communication with text and rich media formats. 
  • Customize your chat history preferences with the option to enable or disable it by default. 
  • Manage auto-accepting invitations for flawless teamwork. 

Calendar – Shared calendars and events 

  • Enable easy scheduling of meetings and events, ensuring efficient coordination among team members.
  • Maximize your productivity by reducing planning time and increasing action with a shareable calendar that integrates across Google Workspace. 

Docs, Sheets, Slides Collaborative content creation

  • Join forces in real-time on online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. 
  • Utilize Shared Notes to keep track of important information. 
  • Build websites with the Sites website builder. 
  • Create surveys with the Forms easy builder. 
  • Benefit from the interoperability of existing documents with Office files integration. 
  • Enhance analysis with features like Smart Fill, Smart Cleanup, and Answers, simplifying data interpretation and improving Google Business Starter efficiency.

Security & Management

  • Workspace Business Starter provides enhanced security with 2-step verification, implementing additional protection. 
  • Control user accounts and security settings through the centralized Admin console. 
  • Customize user access to features and services using group-based policy controls. 
  • The Advanced Protection Program fortifies security measures. 

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Gmail Business email
– Custom email for your business
– Phishing and spam protection that blocks more than 99.9% of attacks
– Ad-free email experience

Meet Video and voice conferencing
– 100 participants
– Meeting length (maximum 24 hours)
– US or international dial-in phone numbers
– Digital whiteboarding

Drive Secure cloud storage – 30 GB per user
– Drive for desktop
– Support for over 100 file types

Chat Team messaging
– Turn history on or off by default
– Auto-accept invitations
– One-to-one external chat

Calendar Shared calendars
– Browse and reserve conference rooms

Docs, Sheets, Slides Collaborative content creation
– Keep Shared Notes
– Sites website builder
– Forms survey builder
– Interoperability with Office files
– Easier analysis with Smart Fill, Smart Cleanup, and Answers
– Writing assistance with Smart Compose, grammar suggestions, and spelling autocorrect
– Connected Sheets – Fundamental

Security & Management
– 2-step verification
– Group-based policy controls
– Advanced Protection Program
– Endpoint management – Fundamental