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May 30, 1 PM CET

Empower Your Team to Deliver Exceptional Client Service with Zendesk

Join our webinar tailored for customer service leaders to learn smart, scalable strategies to manage your workforce more effectively, boost agent performance, and ensure your company's growth in a competitive business environment.

It's more than just about addressing customer inquiries; it's about building an agile team equipped with AI-powered tools that grow with your business, ensuring advanced customer support and loyalty.
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Key Takeaways:

Zendesk WFM Core Features: Explore how Zendesk's Workforce Management (WFM) tools, including real-time analytics, scheduling, and AI-driven forecasting, can enhance your team's operational efficiency and help you adapt to customers' dynamic needs.

Strategies for Optimizing Customer Support Operations: Learn how to optimize your team's workload distribution, improve response times, and use Zendesk's automation tools to reduce manual effort in customer interactions.

Use cases: Understand how Zendesk WFM capabilities can be applied to your context to transform your team’s productivity and customer satisfaction levels.

Special Offer: Don’t miss our exclusive offer for webinar participants to jumpstart the transformation of your customer support operations at a reduced cost.


Olha Komisarchuk
Project Manager, Cloudfresh
As a Project Manager at Cloudfresh, Olha has gained extensive expertise in enabling businesses across diverse industries to harness the full potential of a range of Zendesk solutions. She is an expert in cultivating enduring long-term partnerships and extracting for the customers the maximum value from CRM solutions. Olha is responsible for providing Zendesk Professional Services such as training, auditing, and implementation. Through her work, she has empowered numerous clients across various sectors to achieve proficiency in areas including customer experience, team collaboration, analytics, and customer success management.
Maksym Kushchenko
Professional Collaboration and CX Engineer, Cloudfresh
Maksym is a dynamic professional specializing in Zendesk solutions and generative AI experiences. With a keen focus on transformative technologies, Maksym brings innovative approaches to optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity. His expertise is leveraging cutting-edge tools to drive efficiency for Cloudfresh's clients.

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