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Online meetup
December 12, 2023

Drive Your Contact Center Forward: Innovations in AI, Workforce Management and Protection

During this online meetup, we discussed the latest innovations in AI, automation, and security that are transforming customer experiences. Alongside our speakers, we explored how these cutting-edge technologies can enhance efficiency, productivity, and protection in next-generation customer support.
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Key takeaways

Learn how to provide faster, more accurate customer support by automatically understanding requests and recommending solutions with Zendesk Advanced AI.

Discover how Tymeshift/WFM automation tools streamline workflows, optimize staffing, and create more frictionless customer experiences.

Understand how to protect customer data while also building trust and loyalty.

Discuss best practices for implementing AI, WFM, and security solutions with industry peers.


Olha Komisarchuk
Project Manager, Cloudfresh
As a Project Manager at Cloudfresh, Olha has gained extensive expertise in enabling businesses across diverse industries to harness the full potential of a range of Zendesk solutions. She is an expert in cultivating enduring long-term partnerships and extracting for the customers the maximum value from CRM solutions. Olha is responsible for providing Zendesk Professional Services such as training, auditing, and implementation. Through her work, she has empowered numerous clients across various sectors to achieve proficiency in areas including customer experience, team collaboration, analytics, and customer success management.
Maksym Kushchenko
Professional Collaboration and CX Engineer, Cloudfresh
Maksym is a dynamic professional specializing in Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 solutions, and generative AI experiences. With a keen focus on transformative technologies, Maksym brings innovative approaches to optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity. His expertise is leveraging cutting-edge tools to drive efficiency for Cloudfresh's clients.
Sasha Zakharenko
Senior Solutions Consultant, Zendesk
Sasha is an expert on everything about Zendesk and a CX specialist. With over 25 years of experience in digital technology, he will be happy to share the new arrivals in Zendesk and how to shape the CX of your company.
Jan Střída
Solution Engineer, Cloudfresh
Jan specializes in deploying and integrating systems into customer infrastructure. With over 20 years of experience in On-premise environments for B2B/B2G, EDU, and Gov, Jan aims to provide customers with a well-balanced hybrid/cloud solution. Jan is proficient in GW, Zendesk, and GCP.
Ehsan Ali
Senior Account Executive, Ultimate
Ehsan Ali is one of Ultimate's in-house automation experts. In his 4 years with Ultimate, he has managed to revolutionize the customer support of several big companies like DeepL, Felyx Sharing, Sendcloud, and many others. If you have any doubts about why you should invest in automation with AI, don't forget to chat with him and unlock insights that will blow your mind.