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Conversational Experience: Exceeding Customers’ Expectations in 2023

The event was held in English
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Key takeways

How to prepare your business to the new immersive CX, and why the conversational experience is one of the essential pillars of modern customer service.
How to enhance the native conversational experiences and turn them into fruitful long-term relationships with your customers.
It’s Demo Time: Powering your customer with a conversational experience through Zendesk Sunshine Conversations.
Practical Use Case of Zendesk solutions from ICANHELP.HOST

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Watch the video


Ksenia Goncharuk
Account Executive, Zendesk
Ksenia works as an Account Executive at Zendesk with more than 10 years of experience helping companies from the CEE region scale their Customer Experience. Identifying customers' needs, challenges, and technical requirements to match Zendesk's solutions, Ksenia has extensive expertise in building long-term relationships with clients. She has strong knowledge in customer support, business development, and strategic planning, having experience working in well-known worldwide companies such as Google.
Nick Antipov
Co-Founder, ICanHelp.Host and MAKEOUT
Nick is the co-founder of ICanHelp.Host, a solidarity platform to provide free accommodation within Europe and beyond for Ukrainians who fled the war, and the Co-Founder of MAKEOUT, an antidiscrimination project empowering the LGBTQ community in Belarus. Nick is passionate about empowering communities that face injustice and believes in their creative potential to change the world. Being a co-founder of ICanHelp.Host, he also maintains and develops strong relationships with the community with the help of Zendesk solutions and is planning to implement it in his different projects.
Vita Usatyuk
Customer Experience and Multichannel Support Expert, Cloudfresh
A specialist in customer experience and success, and a Zendesk Knowledge Carrier at Cloudfresh. Vita has helped many clients from various industries build state-of-the-art customer support in their companies. She has many years of experience working with solutions and implementing Zendesk products for multiple companies, from start-ups to large enterprise customers. Vita has valuable expertise in providing various Zendesk professional services, such as implementation, administration, training, and auditing.
Vitaly Safanyuk
Chief of Products & Projects, Cloudfresh
An expert in the field of digital transformation and innovative solutions in the field of cloud technologies. He has many years of experience bringing innovative products to the market in the B2B segment and significant professional expertise in building business processes in leading telecommunications operators such as Kyivstar, Ukrtelecom, Lifecell, and Vodafone Ukraine. Vitaliy is responsible for developing the product line at Cloudfresh and oversees the implementation of Asana, Google Cloud, Google Workspace, Zendesk, and GitLab projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.