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How to help your sales team work effectively with Zendesk Sell

The main goal of a sales team is to make sure they achieve certain results within a certain amount of time. Keeping track of your customers as well as keeping track of all completed transactions is difficult, especially if your team works remotely. Tools like Zendesk Sell are here to help you track your team’s sales success, as well as increase their overall productivity.  

Find out now how Zendesk CRM can help take your sales team to the next level and simplify the lead tracking process. 


Standardize the sales process 

One of the most challenging sales processes is predicting when a deal will be closed. That is why Zendesk Sell provides the ability to accurately predict the number of sales for the next month. 

When using Zendesk, you will be able to set specific rules for moving a lead to the next stage of the sales pipeline. These rules can be set depending on whether the lead has received certain approval/confirmation or not. This feature will not only help organize the sales process, but also allow managers to track each stage of a deal.


Track team activity in Control Panels

Managing a sales team remotely is not an easy matter. Therefore, Zendesk CRM helps managers track the progress and activity of the team throughout the working day. To control this process, Zendesk has a special panel where you can check both general activity and the actions of a specific sales manager. 

The dashboard is divided into two sections: Activity Stream and My Dashboard. In the first one, you can either track the actions of the whole team or of only certain employees. You can also view the Activity Stream for tasks such as: 

  • Calls made 
  • Leads
  • Completed tasks 
  • Appointments and visits
  • Contacts 
  • Deals

While the Activity Stream details the action of each employee, My Dashboard provides a snapshot of all completed tasks. You can also adjust it for yourself so that unnecessary work moments do not distract your attention from the main tasks.


Direct control of every individual sale

Another advantage of Zendesk Sell is the ability to visually monitor the status of leads within the sales funnel. When starting a new day, managers will know exactly where their leads are located. Controlling sales funnels allows you to track the overall progress made, as well as being able to see all the information about the value of the transaction, and it will even be able to show you when you last spoke to the client. 

STA Jets is a good example of how Zendesk Sell can help minimize the loss of important leads. Zach Rutledge, director of charter sales, said the visibility of the sales funnel helped them understand where their deals had fallen short. As a result, the company managed to minimize their loss of leads, as well as improve the work of sales managers, since good results motivate their team.


Increase in profits

An investment in Zendesk Sell is a direct investment in your future profits. The main task of the sales department is to succeed and fulfill its sales objectives, and being able to track the overall process as well as having the ability to check each  stage of the deal will greatly help with it. 

Therefore, contact Cloudfresh managers for advice, and we will help you install Zendesk Sell as well as provide support for any questions about the use of the CRM.


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