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Google Workspace

Google Workspace. The rebirth of G Suite

Just a few days ago Google launched its renewed G Suite, called Google Workspace. It’s aimed at bringing all employees together and helping them to collaborate more efficiently, more conveniently and more flexibly. This solution will keep you seamlessly working no matter whether you use your smartphone, laptop or any other device. 

The renewal is built on the 3 major aspects, which are:

  1. new subscriptions;
  2. a new, deeply integrated user experience;
  3. a new identity.

  1. New subscriptions

Google has created more tailored offerings that would be suitable for each organization. There will be 3 Business and 3 Enterprise subscriptions, from now. The company has also announced that they will offer a brand new Frontline subscription that will be applied for those, who use only their mobile devices, starting from the beginning of the year 2021. 

  1. New user experience
  • All the operational tools together in one place: for instance, employees can discuss a project in the chat room and work on the document / sheet / slide they are discussing in the same tab.

  • Preview the linked file in Docs, Sheets and Slides – spending much less time on navigating from file to file. 
  • Mention users via the ‘@’ symbol, and the system will automatically predict the name of the person and then give all his/her contact information needed. It will also suggest to add him/her to the contact list or to reach the person via email, chat or video.

  • Picture-in-picture function for Meet calls in Gmail (now) & in Docs, Sheets and Slides (later), that allows to work on the file while discussing this work and spend time directly on collaboration, not on the manual changing the tabs.
  1. New brand identity

The new icons’ design was created to highlight the collaborativeness and the interoperability the tools provide. The new logos are juicy colored and eye-catching, you’ll love ‘em at the first glance.

There’s also a good piece of news for G Suite for Nonprofit customers. G Suite for Education that includes Classroom, Meet, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive, Gmail, Calendar and Assignments stays eligible and continues its work on a regular basis.


What is Google Suite called?

Google Suite is now called Google Workspace. The name change reflects the fact that Google Workspace is a more comprehensive suite of tools that includes more than just email and productivity applications.

Is G Suite the same as Google Workspace?

Yes, G Suite and Google Workspace are the same thing. Google rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace in 2020. The new name reflects the fact that the suite of tools is now more comprehensive and includes more than just email and productivity applications.

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