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Google Workspace (ex. G Suite): Why it is essential to implement together with a Cloudfresh certified partner

When choosing a Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) partner in Ukraine, it is very important to rely on an authorized reseller who has a team of certified specialists and engineers, as they will configure and manage all aspects of your Google Workspace domain at the stage connection and implementation of the service. The core competencies are user administration in Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) and Google Cloud, organizational units and groups administration, access to Google services, security, and more.

The Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) administrator also manages company domain security, mobile policy settings using Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) MDM (Mobile Device Management) and assists with providing data for audits and corporate investigations. All these functions and the availability of competencies are critical at the implementation stage and during the further use and deployment of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) cloud solutions. Moreover, most Google Workspace (ex., G Suite) projects require speed and fast interaction without losing quality at all stages and implementing changes in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to Google Cloud and Google Workspace (ex., G Suite) certifications, the partner company receives these skills even before the start of the work process with the client. The presence of certificates signals companies wishing to implement Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) that the partner is ready to work in a modern working environment with knowledge and experience.

Cloudfresh is an official reseller of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite). Google Cloud in Ukraine continuously trains Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) specialists in certified Google courses. The knowledge gained in such training is regularly applied in practice – with client implementations and further support. We have proven our ability to use cloud-based tools to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and files, set up and manage iOS and Android mobile devices, and work with corporate calendars, Google Vault, effective Hangouts communication, and Gmail email solutions.

“Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Administrator Fundamentals” is the starting point for anyone new to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) as they begin their journey of managing and creating Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) best practices for their organization.

A partner with a certificate “Google Workspace Administrator Fundamentals” can demonstrate their abilities in:

  • Creating, deleting, and administering users for a domain.
  • Creation and administration of organizational units.
  • Configure sharing settings, policies, and reports.
  • Setting up mail delivery, routing and filtering.
  • Create and manage calendar resources.
  • Set up mobile policies and control devices.
  • Designed for safety.
  • Setting up and managing group settings, etc.
  • Provisioning and managing users in Google Workspace (ex. G Suite).
  • Adding, using, and managing organizations in Google Workspace (ex., G Suite).
  • Manage Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) services such as Calendar, Gmail, and Drive.

We transfer the acquired skills to clients, which makes them confident in using the essential functions of the administrator console for managing users, controlling access to services, configuring general security settings, etc.

The Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Certification Program provides Google Cloud users, customers, and partners with opportunities to demonstrate their skills in specific roles and technologies. Specialists are assessed using rigorous industry-standard methods to determine whether they meet Google’s quality standards.

Cloudfresh is a certified partner of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) and has extensive experience working with small, medium, large, local, and international projects. We provide all aspects of migration and deployment assistance where you need a smooth and seamless transition to the cloud.

Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist is an IT professional proficiency exam that demonstrates the fundamental skills and abilities required to deploy, configure, and migrate to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) (Google Apps) for Business and Education (Google Apps for Education). Professionals with three to six years of professional IT experience and who have completed at least three successful deployments of Google Apps for Work are eligible to take the exam.

Deployment requires some technical complexity, significant data integration, and migration. Specialists must be experienced and have knowledge of server-side migration tools and Google Apps Directory Sync, such as Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GSMME)), Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GSSMO), etc.

As a Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Authorized Reseller, we are trained by the Google team, so customers trust our specialists and engineers to implement Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Google Cloud services. In addition to implementation, the Cloudfresh team provides training for your employees and generates recommendations for the company’s further work in Google Workspace (ex., G Suite).

The set of services includes the following solutions:

  • Gmail – Professional, free email address for your business, with your domain
  • Google Drive – Real-time collaboration with a minimum of 30 GB of cloud space per user.
  • Hangouts – The service allows you to connect via text chats, voice calls, or HD video calls with built-in screen sharing.
  • Google Docs – allows you to forget about installing expensive software and its maintenance, processes texts on the go, with group work and versioning capabilities.
  • Google Sheets – Includes data analysis with fast online Google Sheets.
  • Google Calendar – makes it possible to forget questions like “What time do you work?” A compatible calendar integrates with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites, and Hangouts.
  • Google + – A pleasant social network for collaboration with your team and clients.
  • Forms – A quick and easy way to create custom forms for surveys, surveys, and testing.
  • Sites – Allows you to collaborate most attractively! Create high-quality websites and use them as your clearinghouse for your next project or event.
  • Slides – Helps create lead presentations. Collaborate in real-time with your team and create beautiful presentations in your browser.
  • Vault – Manage, store, search, and export critical business data, email, and recorded chats.
  • Admin – Add and manage users, manage devices, and configure data security settings for your organization’s Google Workspace (ex., G Suite) accounts.


Cloudfresh is an official Global Google Workspace, Google Cloud, and Google for Education Partner.

We provide configuration and support for Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) services not only in Ukraine but over the world. Order a free demo, test, or learn how to buy a Google Workspace solution.

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