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Google Workspace for Healthcare: 3 Ways to Reduce IT Costs and Increase Employee Engagement

Some of the biggest challenges modern hospitals face are increasing staff collaboration, delivering the best possible outcome in the shortest time possible, and reducing rising IT and provider costs. Added to this is the challenge of facilitating communication between physicians, nurses, and other staff who require prompt advice or additional information to ensure high-quality patient care and develop an effective care strategy.

Here are the first three ways Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) is helping healthcare providers:

IT cost control

IT spending is rising rapidly, and hospitals that rely on a “do it the way we’ve always done it” approach are seeing their operating margins shrink by 15.8% through 2021. Previously, they did not have any common strategy, which reduced their efficiency and jeopardized the quality of patient care. Hunterdon Healthcare is an example of a company constantly ensuring that it doesn’t repeat the decade-long mistake of buying IT tools as needed, costing the organization a dime.

However, by rethinking whether to work with cloud-based tools, Hunterdon Healthcare has had significant success moving to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) and fully productive use of its applications. Over 3,000 workers immediately adapted to the new platform, with over 84% happy with the changes.

Has there been an impact on performance? The company’s department alone moved over 130,000 files to Google Drive within the first 30 days. As a result, Hunterdon foresees over $1.3 million in total savings.


Blend Healthcare Collaboration, Availability, and Performance

Personal data breaches have become even more devastating: their financial impact has increased for 7 years, and the cost of virus attacks on hospitals is $380 per patient information. This figure exceeds the general average among all industries. While virus attacks are part of the “new normal” in the digital age, healthcare workers often take risks by downloading third-party programs or using public networks to increase their own productivity. How can hospitals encourage worker productivity while protecting their own infrastructure and databases?

There was a recent health care provider discussion in which Jim LaPlante, director of biomedical sciences and technology for the Cambridge Health Alliance, noted that while a large number of users are more likely to use the infrastructure they are familiar with, many continue to look for and test additional tools in the service package. The ability to work effectively with new applications ultimately benefits patients.Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) software applications are available for mobile download, allowing employees to access files from any validated device. In addition, many features of Google Workspace (ex., G Suite) are available with no Internet connection. At the same time, data is completely protected when working with VPN or public networks.This improves worker productivity while protecting hospital systems from potential security threats to their data.


Efficient cooperation of workers

Insufficient collaboration among healthcare workers affects not only patient care but also operational costs: a lack of knowledge among groups of workers is a causative factor in 48% of diagnostic errors, and a lack of a coherent approach to care depletes the resources of healthcare networks by more than 2 trillion dollars annually.

Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) is a HIPAA-compliant group of cloud-based tools that enhance collaboration. For example, Hangouts is a messaging program that provides real-time communication.All Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) tools allow users to edit and leave comments for the work team, allowing collaboration even when workers are in different buildings or time zones. Since all files are stored in the cloud, changes are saved automatically, so staff will always have the latest up-to-date version of the file.

The days of endless file transfers back and forth via email are coming to a logical end. Using the cloud, employees can share calendars and tasks, making scheduling appointments easier and protecting information from inappropriate users. This approach can be combined with the organization’s overall mobility strategy to maximize ROI.

The field of nursing and the tools behind it are evolving. Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) offers a combination of collaboration and productivity tools, all in one place. It also allows administrators of organizations to opt out of their legacy applications and third-party downloads from the web for a safer path to achieving desired patient outcomes. So shouldn’t your employees have everything they need to solve your organization’s problems?

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