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5 cheat sheets to help you get started with Google Cloud

It is very easy to get confused about the different terms used when working with complex cloud technologies. Some experts  even draw diagrams in their heads of how a multicloud operates. Google decided to make this visualization a reality, and created 5 cheat sheets for working with Google Cloud, which will make it easier for beginners in this business.

Data migration to Google Cloud

The first step when working with Google Cloud is migrating data. This is a complex and important process, which is simply and clearly explained in four general information transfer slides. You can also read more detailed information on cloud migration in our guide.

Migrating Apache Hadoop to Dataproc

Want to make the using and managing resources with Apache Hadoop and Spark easier? Then what about the Dataproc solution? The cheat sheet is a great way to show you how you can transfer your clusters.

Block storage in Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers two block storage options: local SSD and persistent disks. The cheat sheet below will clarify which way of storing information is best for you.

All Google Cloud Products

If you are a newbie in working with Google Cloud, then we suggest you familiarize yourself with the dictionary, which contains all Google products. This will perfectly help you understand how the Google ecosystem works and how  Google products are interconnected, and what exactly you need in this case.

As businesses worldwide embrace the cloud for its scalability and flexibility, understanding the strategic aspects of this transition is key. Enhance your knowledge by reading our article on the profound impact of cloud advisory services in steering businesses toward sustainable success.

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