News – Launching Special Zendesk Offers for New and Existing Customers

Launching Special Zendesk Offers for New and Existing Customers

Transform your customer service into a competitive advantage with our customized Zendesk solutions. Whether you’re just starting your journey with Zendesk or looking to enhance your current setup, our special offers are designed to meet your unique needs and challenges.

New to Zendesk?

Discover the transformative power of Zendesk with our tailored proof of concept offering, designed to introduce new business clients to a suite of features aligned with their most critical needs.

Our Proof of Concept Offering Includes:

  • A tailored setup of Zendesk features directly addressing your business’s unique challenges.
    Hands-on implementation, allowing you to test and evaluate how Zendesk’s solutions can enhance your customer service.
  • Expert guidance throughout the process, ensuring a seamless integration into your business operations.
  • This offer is designed to provide a risk-free way to explore Zendesk’s capabilities and how they can be leveraged to enhance your customer service and support.

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    For Existing Zendesk Customers:

    Unlock the full potential of AI in your customer service with our exclusive offer. Alongside our expert Zendesk implementation and audit services, existing customers can now benefit from special pricing and a complimentary AI Services Package.

    What’s Included in the AI Services Package:

  • Zendesk AI Admin Training (~30m): Gain essential skills to manage Zendesk AI tools effectively.
  • Q&A Session (~30m): Get answers to your questions and learn AI implementation best practices.
  • Consultation on Creating an AI Bot (~30m): Discover how to build an AI Bot customized for your needs.
  • Consultation on Setting up AI Answers (~30m): Learn to utilize AI Answers for streamlined customer interactions.
  • Consultation on Designing AI Flows (~30m): Explore how to create AI Flows that optimize customer service processes.
  • Consultation on AI Article Recommendations (~30m): Understand how to use AI for dynamic content recommendations.
  • Take advantage of our specialized Zendesk Implementation Packages and Audit Packages to further enhance your customer support capabilities. For detailed information on each package, visit our Zendesk professional services page.

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