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Google Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Service. Next step in Data Resilience

Discover seamless cloud backup and disaster recovery with GCP, featuring minute-long backup and restore times, malware protection and disaster recovery without paying for the infrastructure before you actually recover.
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Key takeways

See how GCP offers near-instant backup and restore times, reducing backup windows to minutes and recovery time objectives (RTOs) to mere minutes.
Explore how you can rest assured that your data is protected against malware and the backup copies can be used for testing and development.
Learn how with cost-efficient recovery options, you can restore your services in the Cloud within minutes without incurring backup computing resource costs before a disaster.
Get an in-depth understanding of Google's cloud-based backup and recovery solution, including its key features and capabilities, with GCP engineers.


Wiktoria Uramowska
Customer Engineer, Google
Wiktoria has a degree in Computer Science from the Technological University of Dublin and work experience in Big technology companies, such as Microsoft and SAP. Now Wiktoria is Customer Engineer at Google, based in Dublin, where she helps businesses leverage technology to achieve their goals.
Paulius Sernius
Customer Engineer, Google Cloud
Paulius is a Google Cloud Customer Engineer in Google, who has over 10 years of experience with cloud technologies and traditional on-premises environments. He greatly enjoys problem-solving, researching the newest computer components/devices, and finding ways to improve his technical expertise.
Maksym Datsenko
Chief Technology Officer, Cloudfresh
Communication and information technology professional, Maksym has extensive corporate IT expertise. It covers computing, storage technologies, and business software, with over 25 years in various technical, sales, and management roles in enterprise IT and communication suppliers, including Fujitsu, Huawei, and SAP. He is a Cloud Technologies evangelist with experience working with pre-cloud technologies when the word Cloud didn't even mean something in IT world. Maksym is leading the Google Cloud Platform department in Cloudfresh, developing projects in architecting, building, migration, optimizing, and maintaining customers' IT infrastructures in Cloud.

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Watch the video