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New, Incredible Places SDKs

In May 2018, Google announced the next generation of business with the Google Maps Platform. After several product improvements, the platform has become simpler, easier to use, and scale. Since then, the company has continued investing in its products, including Places, to meet business challenges, streamline business processes, and implement best practices for users of Google Maps.



Introducing the new Places SDK for Android and iOS.

The updated SDKs are designed to make Places data easier to use and scale while providing the same reliability, security, and customer support as other Google Maps Platform products. They also offer enterprise-grade features to help every business, from innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies.


These features include:

  • Unlimited Requests Per Day (QPD) – a significant increase over existing SDKs: 24 hours a day, 5-day customer support, up to 1 hour response time;
  • New Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 99.9% uptime;
  • Frequent updates and quick bug fixes.


In addition, the updated SDKs include new features that were at the top of the client request queue:

  • Opening hours as part of the location information
  • Number of reviews for each place
  • Access to Plus Codes – shortcodes that provide an address for every place worldwide, even where traditional street addresses do not exist.


These SDKs are billed on a per-demand basis and at the same price as the Places API and Places Library in the JavaScript Maps API. The updated Places SDK for Android and iOS replaces the current versions.

The previous Places SDKs (including the Place Picker feature) will be available to Google Maps Platform customers who have already been using them for 6 months until July 29, 2019. after this date, they will no longer be available, and therefore no longer available to new customers.

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