Cloud Blog – How Google Cloud helps to reduce expenses and work in a more efficient way

How Google Cloud helps to reduce expenses and work in a more efficient way

Businesses all around the globe are facing new challenges nowadays. It is of vital importance to find new ways of cost saving and efficiency increasing in order to be ready to ensure the needs and the tasks of our age. Managers also meet the need of prioritizing tasks to guarantee the stable workflow. Being aimed at helping in prioritizing and efficiency providing, Cloud Technologies are an essential part of any contemporary business. 


Google has already helped myriads of companies of all sizes in various spheres of their workflow: from enabling them to work remotely to migrating their data to the cloud databases and to reducing their expenses on infrastructure by reducing operating costs via cloud solutions. For instance, they’ve already developed a special managed service that moves applications working on VMware to Google Cloud fastly, so it helps in lowering the charges on VMware environment more than on 30%. The company has also designed a new approach of migrating the SAP and alike systems of records to the cloud with 46% of cost effectiveness from a 3-year perspective. Google also sees data as an important part of business to be upgraded regards the modern needs and challenges by means of cloud. The usage of Google’s data warehouse solution BigQuery brings up to 52% overall three-year savings in contrast to on-premises.

But these examples are a drop in the ocean of the Cloud Platform potential that also includes:

  • A path to more predictable cloud costs – the cloud solutions are also targeted on understanding the money flow of the company and implementing the best suitable cost optimization principles. (video)
  • Run data analytics without busting your IT budget – analytics teams are working on flexibility, convenience and efficiency amplification, at the same time reducing the TCO. (video)
  • Serving customers efficiently with Contact Center AI – Google AI is the best choice to create great customer and contact center experience, spending practically chicken feed. (video)
  • Improving operational efficiency with infrastructure – the cloud is really helpful in infrastructure spendings reduction while improving the efficiency of workflow. There are several scenarios of how Google Cloud can impact on the expenses and operating ability. (video)

Transform your business and upgrade it with Google’s global infrastructure and solutions. Having the many years experience of cooperating with various vendors of IT equipment and programs, a highly-competent in cloud technologies Cloudfresh team will be happy to help your business in developing a strategy for using cloud solutions for the best efficiency possible.