Cloud Blog – Efficient working and cost-cutting using cloud technology

Efficient working and cost-cutting using cloud technology

There’s no need to dive into too much detail and describe why more than 75% of all business in Europe has recently moved to the e-platform. Now when calibrating with the new business landscape, companies have met the need to prioritize projects and decide how to allocate resources properly. At the same time, cloud technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the operation, as it can help with improving efficiency. 

One of the Google Cloud goals is to help large enterprises easily and cost-effectively migrate infrastructure to the cloud platform. The most common request when using Google Cloud is to move on-premises environments to the cloud for scalability and reduce overhead and infrastructure costs by reducing hardware footprint. 

This might sound a bit complicated now, but consider the example of migrating applications from VMware. With Google Cloud it is possible to migrate applications running on a VMware platform with up to 30% resource savings. Looking at the migration approach more globally and in detail, a BigQuery data migration solution can reduce overall three-year costs by 52%. 

The Solving Together conference was held on 27 May 2021 and featured 20 individual sessions on the topic of operational efficiency and business continuity in remote working. So, the top five aspects that were addressed at the conference are next:

  1. Improving operational efficiency through infrastructure. Another major reason businesses continue to migrate to cloud services en masse is the desire to reduce IT technology costs while improving team productivity. Find out how data migration can have an impact on improving productivity.
  2. Analytics without threatening the budget. The sessions also talked about how you can secure your bank account while running analytics with BigQuery integration. This way you can improve your scalability and improve your analytics performance with cost savings. 
  3. Spending options for cloud technology. When using new technology for your business, you need to be clear about the additional costs you will need to allocate. One of the sessions also clearly talked about the practices that are required to be in place to reduce unnecessary costs. Learn more
  4. Customer service with Contact Center AI. A great option for transforming your contact center with the potential to improve your customer experience and at minimal cost. You can listen to the conference here

If you do miss the sessions or if you still have questions about how the Google Cloud services work even after watching them, then please contact Cloudfresh with any questions. The Cloudfresh team is a unique center of expertise for Google Cloud, Zendesk, and Asana. For these products, we can provide you with the following services: 

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