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Zendesk Voice

Cloud-based call center software that helps companies provide more personalized and productive phone support.

Easy telephony with Zendesk Voice (ex. Zendesk Talk)

Zendesk believes that phone support is a powerful way for companies to help their customers – and it should also fit easily into a multi-channel support strategy. Zendesk Voice (ex. Zendesk Talk) is cloud-based call center software that helps companies provide more personalized and productive phone support. It’s integrated right into Zendesk’s multichannel support ticketing solution, allowing teams to provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other customer conversations.

1. With the cloud-based solutions of Zendesk Voice, you can take all the calls immediately.

2. Feel free to integrate your favorite call center solutions into Zendesk.


3. Use additional tools and services to extend voice possibilities, such as advanced call transcription, redaction, and quality assurance capabilities.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Voicemail

Voicemails automatically create tickets for easy tracking and follow-up.

  • Text messages

With Zendesk Voice, you can respond to inbound text messages, automate alerts, or send proactive text messages.

  • Answer in browser & forward to phone

You can receive calls in the Zendesk browser without any additional phone hardware or equipment and forward calls to an external number of team support.

  • Automatic ticket creation

Zendesk automatically turns calls, voicemails, and texts into tickets for easy record keeping and issue resolution.

  • Call recording, muting, holding, and transferring

With Zendesk, you can record calls for easy reference or troubleshooting, mute, and hold from the call console. The agents can also pause and resume recording an active call to protect customer privacy.

  • Conference calling

It is possible to allow agents to consult with a third party and choose to either transfer or add them to the ongoing call.

  • Call blocking

You can compile a blocklist of phone numbers for your security and unwanted callers, so bots, spammers, or other unwanted callers become automatically disconnected.

  • Interactive voice response

With Voice, you can route customers to the right agent or department and provide recorded answers for frequently asked questions with multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

  • Request a callback

Users can call back from the queue or the web widget instead of waiting for a live agent.

  • Call quality notifications

Zendesk Voice allows you to monitor network and audio issues in real-time to ensure high-quality conversations.

  • Call offering time limit

You can choose the time each agent gets to answer a call before it is placed back in the queue.


Routing and queuing calls

With interactive voice response (IVR) routing, group routing, and overflow and after-hours routing from Zendesk Voice, you can ensure your customers always reach the right agent at the right time. You also can set up your maximum queue size and wait time. It enables callers with an opportunity to request a callback instead of holding.


Monitoring and reporting


Real-time analytics helps you to measure your support operations, while cross-channel reporting enhances the comparison of your business performance through messaging, email, chat, and other conversational experiences. You can provide your callers with well-qualified conversations and guarantee them customer privacy.

Simple to set up and easy to use.

Zendesk Voice (ex. Zendesk Talk) helps organizations increase agent productivity, improve cross-channel reporting, reduce costs, and most importantly, improve the customer experience. Just 6 steps to setting up your calls!

You can contact our Sales Team specialists to learn more about Zendesk Voice features and how to implement them in your company to build the best interaction with your clients.

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