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Zendesk Guide

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents

Use your know-how

A smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents

Do it yourself service

Self-service is good because it’s quick and convenient for customers—and they tend to like that. That’s why a smart knowledge base plays a big part in your customer experience strategy. Our help center software organizes knowledge and empowers customers and agents with that information.

Practical for customers

Give customers the freedom to help themselves on their own terms.

Handy for agents

Empowers agents to keep knowledge fresh, updated, and useful for everyone.

Good for business

Reduce support costs and ticket volume, so agents can focus on bigger issues and offer more meaningful support.

Support on customer's terms

Some customers prefer to help themselves. All you have to do is put the answers they seek within reach. That’s where a smart knowledge base and help center come in handy. Make it easy for customers to solve their own issue without having to send an email or make a call. Take it further with in-context self-service inside your product or on your website with the Web Widget and Mobile SDK.

Keep it fresh

Support teams know the most about customer issues and how to solve them. Collect their expertise and make it accessible to customers with Team Publishing. Think articles for common things like frequently asked questions, product details, policies, and more. As you grow, keep your self-service offering healthy by letting agents update content, so it always caters to your customers.

Make it yours

Embrace full control and flexibility over the way your help center looks with customizable themes. You have complete freedom to organize content the way you see fit, so it’s easier for customers to find the right stuff. You can even create more than one help center that caters to different audiences, regions, or brands, and localize content in over 40 languages.