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Zendesk Chat

Live chat is a cross-platform instrument, that provides a fast and responsive way to connect with your customers in real-time from multiple sources.

Zendesk Chat

Live chat provides a fast and responsive way to connect with customers in real time.

Fast and effective way to offer help

Zendesk Chat creates personal connections with customers seeking support. It provides your business with the following benefits:


  • Increase sales by proactively engaging customers on your site
  • Help more customers in less time and increase satisfaction
  • Anticipate customer needs and offer them help when they need it most.

Reach out in real-time with proactive engagement

Customers are 3 times more likely to make a purchase when you initiate a chat with them. Proactively engage your customers with automated triggers, reduce cart abandonment, and increase conversions.

Powerful metrics at your fingertips

Analytics shed light on customer satisfaction and agent performance. With better numbers and quality reports, organizations can measure success, identify issues, and stay on track.

Chat scales as your team grows

Delivering quality support while growing your business can be hard. Our sophisticated workflow management features, such as departments, operating hours, and chat routing, makes things easier.

Customize the web and mobile chat widget

Add the chat widget to your website or Help Center and start talking to customers in minutes. With a customizable and mobile responsive design, Zendesk Chat fits seamlessly into your web and mobile experience.

Zendesk Chat is cross-platform

Manage all your conversations from one place, even when your customers are in many places. The web dashboard lets you serve customers wherever they are — on laptops, on mobile, or even in your app.