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Google Meet Hardware Annual License

Google Meet Hardware license for fast, effective, easy video meetings for all your rooms and spaces.

Google Meet Hardware Annual License

Google Meet Hardware is a video conferencing system that allows the people in your organization to conduct meetings and collaborate with colleagues, no matter the location.

With the Google Meet license, you can schedule video meetings using Google Calendar and collaborate with other Google Workspace services. The license allows you to make the Google Meet Hardware device manageable from the administrator console, and have access to:


  • Hardware performance reports
  • The ability to integrate GMH equipment with company resources
  • Setting up personalized slides and wallpapers
  • View the status of equipment and peripherals
  • Enabling soft noise reduction
  • The ability to perform diagnostics through the administrator console
  • Apply Google Meet service policies to your device via the admin console


Google Meet hardware license purchase and activation is required for every Google Meet device you purchase. The first license you are buying for the Google Meet hardware management console lasts for one year from purchase. Subsequent licenses are prorated to end on the same date as the first license. Purchasing the device and the license occur during the same order process.

When purchasing Avocor Series One Desk 27 or Board 65 devices, along with the Google Meet Hardware Annual License, users have full access to Jamboard Annual Management License, which includes:


  • Jamboard product support on the Google Jamboard
  • Jamboard Software Update
  • Full collaboration features in G Suite
  • Manage Jamboard from the G Suite Administrator Console


You may renew your licenses with Cloudfresh as the official reseller to continue using the service for one year.

The price for Google Meet Hardware Annual License is 240 EUR for 1 device.