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Kubernetes: How to Properly Administer and Automate

We discussed live the stages of operator creation, ways to interact with the cluster, and challenges you may encounter in real-world practice.
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The agenda

Transitioning architecture to Kubernetes: practical insights.
Why and how to automate DevOps: approaches to automation at the orchestration level, integration with Git.
Effective setup of monitoring and alerting: how to do it and what signals to gather.
Networking: Our meetup is not an educational program, it is an opportunity to build valuable and engaging connections with the DevOps community that shares your interests.


Maksym Datsenko
Chief Technology Officer, Cloudfresh
Communication and information technology professional, Maksym has extensive corporate IT expertise. It covers computing, storage technologies, and business software, with over 25 years in various technical, sales, and management roles in enterprise IT and communication suppliers, including Fujitsu, Huawei, and SAP. He is a Cloud Technologies evangelist with experience working with pre-cloud technologies when the word Cloud didn't even mean something in IT world. Maksym is leading the Google Cloud Platform department in Cloudfresh, developing projects in architecting, building, migration, optimizing, and maintaining customers' IT infrastructures in Cloud.
Danylo Kondiuk
DevOps Engineer, Cloudfresh
Danylo works with configuring and managing virtual machines, containers, and networks in the cloud and can automate the deployment, scaling, and monitoring of infrastructure. He understands cloud security best practices and can apply them to ensure system security and reliability.
Denys Vasyliev
Senior Software Engineer, GfK
Denys is a Senior SRE and DevOps practicing focused on Architecture, Development, and Operations DevOps/SRE/Kubernetes Coach with more than 15 years of industry experience. Being an expert in DevOps and SRE, Denys has a vast experience with GCP, AWS, Azure, and Bare Metal metal solutions. He is a certified Kubernetes Administrator. Having proven extended knowledge in Kubernetes, Denys to master the learning for the DevOps community and hold regular thematic podcasts and other educational activities.
Stanislav Kolenkin
Head of Cloud Foundation, TemaBit
As Head of Cloud Foundation at TemaBit (Fozzy Group), Stanislav has wide expertise in cloud architecture, networking, DevOps and SRE. He is a many times certified AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes expert. For his broad professional experience, He is open to regularly spreading his knowledge by participating in various podcasts, articles, and interviews, and has a strong passion for community building.
Andrii Litvinov
Platform Lead, Synergy Sports
Andrii is a Platform Lead and Architect in Synergy Sports. He has exclusive expertise in programming languages, distributive systems, Kubernetes, Docker, and microservices. During his career, Andrii successfully delivered on various projects and tasks: from setting up build processes and CI/CD pipelines, defining infrastructure as a code, which streamlined development and delivery processes, to architecting large scalable distributed systems.