Cloud Blog – What is Anthos and how it will help you with multicloud storage?
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What is Anthos and how it will help you with multicloud storage?

Modern enterprises operate in multicloud environments spanning on-prem infrastructure and public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The reasons for such data movement can vary a merger with another company that has data stored on another server, wanting to avoid the risks of only storing data on a single cloud, or simply a desire to distribute the information so it’s backed up in multiple locations. 

Multicloud storage involves managing enterprise data across multiple cloud providers and platforms. This complex environment causes data siloes, security gaps, and management headaches for IT teams.

The most basic problem when distributing information on different servers is security since each cloud has its own identification systems. If you decide to use the additional storage, be prepared to handle increased security procedures.

A Universal Solution 

If using multicloud is so risky, is it worth using it? Definitely. In order to more easily store information processes on multiple servers, Google Cloud has introduced a solution called Anthos. 

What is Anthos?

Created by Google Cloud, Anthos is an open hybrid, and multicloud platform that allows you to manage, distribute, and replace information on different cloud resources. The server is compatible with Google Cloud, AWS and Azure. Anthos includes a wide spectrum of functionality for working with multi-cloud, which can be characterized as:

  • A single console for managing clusters mounted volumes and nodes;
  • API based functionality;
  • A system for configuring and managing security policies, RBAC rules and Kubernetes objects;
  • Log-based metrics and custom retention rules;
  • Use of verified code when transferring data;
  • Authentication with Active Directory and AWS IAM;
  • Use of the Kubernetes API to balance the load on servers;
  • Web console for monitoring all server loads;
  • Use of open-source code;
  • Use of a single Kubernetes API endpoint to connect to clusters;
  • Automatic collection of custom metrics.

Compatible with other Clusters

You can easily connect other clusters that you already have with Anthos. Neither of them needs to reconnect because Google Anthos works great with Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS, or Red Hat OpenShift. Moreover, when connecting existing clusters to the Anthos console, you can easily manage each of them on one convenient panel. Also, you will find advanced functionality for managing clusters:

  • Security policy Management;
  • Notifications and log monitoring;
  • A single point of the Kubernetes API.

Anthos Multicloud Storage Capabilities

With GCP Anthos, enterprises gain a bird’s eye view of storage and workloads across environments. Its service mesh secures data connections across cloud boundaries.

Anthos is compatible with major storage solutions like Dell EMC, NetApp, Pure Storage, and Portworx for simplified data management. This allows optimizing costs while keeping data available seamlessly across clouds.

Benefits of Anthos for Multicloud Storage

Key advantages Anthos provides for multicloud storage include:

  • Simplified data migration between cloud environments
  • Unified data security and access policies across clouds
  • Consistent data availability and recovery across locations
  • Optimized infrastructure costs by leveraging different cloud storage tiers
  • Seamless scalability to accommodate growth and changing needs

Anthos reduces the headaches of managing disparate cloud data siloes. Its unique hybrid approach represents the future of efficient, agile multicloud storage.

Real-World Use Cases

Organizations like Navistar, Dominos, and Telefonica leverage Anthos to optimize multicloud storage:

  • Retailers manage customer data seamlessly from stores to headquarters across cloud boundaries.
  • Banks deploy consistent security, access and compliance policies for customer data across on-prem and cloud environments.
  • Media companies store and access large files cost-efficiently across cloud storage services.

As multicloud becomes the norm, strategies to securely connect data across environments are imperative. Anthos presents a paradigm shift in unifying multicloud data workloads with its innovative hybrid approach. Companies today need to strongly consider Anthos as the management layer that streamlines their complex multicloud storage footprint into a simple and robust data strategy.

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