New Google Cloud region opened in Warsaw

08 June 2021

Google opened its first office in Poland more than 15 years ago. During this time, the country’s IT-industry has been actively developing by providing new global ideas and new innovative knowledge. As a result, this April opened a new Google Cloud region in Warsaw, and this one is the seventh in Europe. 

The plan about opening a new region was announced in 2019, and now, thanks to the Google Cloud, polish and CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) companies can provide their clients with new formats of fast, comfortable and safe cooperation. 

New Advantages 

Constantly changing clients’ requirements, and an unstable economic situation caused some problems for companies in 2020. Today Google Cloud can help to adapt its clients to new functionality and also opens up a wide range of such benefits as: 

Support for enterprises of all industries

Due to adapting companies in Poland, and also helping newbie IT-masters, Google Cloud launched an educational program where you can talk with Cloud experts. All this is available thanks to the Grow with Google project, which helps small and medium-sized enterprises in the early stages of cooperation with Google Cloud. 

Currently, the company is one of the best cloud services in Europe, and it continues to develop and expand, hiring new specialists, so now businesses in any sector from financial to industrial can use Google Cloud for its solutions and progress. 

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