Cloud Blog – How is connecting Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) through Cloudfresh better than connecting directly through Google?
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How is connecting Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) through Cloudfresh better than connecting directly through Google?

Of course, you can connect to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) directly through Google. However, Google recommends working through a partner because such work gives customers several advantages. In Ukraine, we can highlight two main benefits of working with us:


  1. Connecting Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) in Ukraine with non-cash bank payments in hryvnia

In Europe and Ukraine, payment for Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) is accepted by the Google office in Ireland. Accordingly, you can only pay directly with a bank card and will not receive any accounting documents. And vice versa, when ordering Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) in Ukraine through Cloudfresh, you get a contract for the supply of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) cloud services from a Ukrainian organization with payment through your company’s current account. You also get a full package of accounting and legal documents (invoice and contract).


       2. Qualified support at all stages of work

The Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Cloudfresh team is made up of Google-certified sales, implementation, and Google services administrators. Our specialists are advanced users of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) in Ukraine, love Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) services, and constantly learn and regularly implement technologies. Besides, we understand the specifics of the business. We are in touch from 7:00 to 24:00 and help clients solve problems even at very late hours.

You receive qualified support at all stages of cooperation – from a phone call to successful project implementation.


We can help you in the following matters:

  • Explain the benefits of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) at any stage of the selection or decision.
  • Plan the transition, paying attention to practical experience and possible pitfalls.
  • Migrate and transfer data from your current system (Zimbra, Zoho, MS Office 365, MS Exchange of all versions, personal Gmail accounts, Yandex, hosting providers, and other servers).
  • Conduct Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) training for your teams and users.
  • Provide training for Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) administrators.
  • Provide technical and consulting support to your company during the entire period of cooperation.


How is working with Cloudfresh different from working with other Google Apps sellers?


  1. A truly personalized and customer-focused approach

And it is not just words. Judge for yourself — Cloudfresh is a modern Ukrainian company trusted with hundreds of Ukrainian and international clients. Our team focuses on solving problems and achieving results, while we pay special attention to the quality of communications. In addition, we have a representative office in Poland, which means that the provision of European service for us is not just words. We strive to follow the European business culture by providing additional benefits to Ukrainian customers. Experience working with an open, responsible, friendly, and honest Cloudfresh team today!

An individual approach to working with clients means efficiency and responsibility with large customers and small businesses. Quite often, this approach is manifested in piquant cases:

  • You urgently need to add users, and the bill can only be paid next week. No problem, we’ll go to the meeting!
  • It’s time to continue with the annual Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) subscription, and the management is on vacation outside of Ukraine, so there is no way to reconcile the account. Let’s decide!
  • With a monthly subscription, you would like to work the same way as you did when paying with a card on Google, namely with cash on delivery based on the month’s results, without too much thought about how much money you need for the next month. That’s how we work – postpaid.
  • At the last moment, the management decided not to renew the annual subscription, and you need a few “free” days to transfer the data. Let’s organize!

In other companies, resolving such issues is impossible in principle. At the slightest problem, the subscription is canceled (and hence the access of all users to the data), after which the account is blocked and all data is deleted. In Cloudfresh, such situations are impossible.


      2. Practical experience


We are one of the first resellers in Ukraine and the CIS. For three years, we have been proving our high qualification and level of service while simultaneously meeting such requirements as the number of certified specialists in the staff and the number and satisfaction of customers.

Over the years, we have accumulated experience in implementation, best practices for managing changes, and supporting Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) services. What is no less important – in addition to purely technical experience, we know many details related to the direct management of customer subscriptions. Newer resellers are often unaware of or overlook the pitfalls that can negatively impact a customer. And it’s not trifles.


And here are some examples:

  • Let’s say you use the free version of Google Apps for 50 accounts. The business is growing, and you need to introduce more users. To do this, you upgrade to a paid version of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite). We know that sometimes when switching from a free subscription to a paid one, users can be blocked from accessing their accounts for several hours. It is due to a change in user quota. Imagine that all 50 users cannot log into their accounts during business hours or lose all their mail. Therefore, we make such transitions at a pre-planned time with data reservation.
  • Let’s say you work in Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) and use Google Vault for some of your users. You can upgrade to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Business, and in fact, it turns out that for the same money, you get a considerable amount of space for your users. With such an upgrade, it is essential to be aware that all other user emails and chats may be permanently deleted depending on the settings of certain aspects of the vault. We at Cloudfresh know what needs to be done to prevent the deletion of all user emails and chats that are not protected by a specific retention rule. We know what needs to be considered to ensure that the subscription renewal goes smoothly.

Hundreds of customers trust Cloudfresh when it comes to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite).

And we will be glad to see you among them!


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