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BigQuery. The path to modern data analytics

Every digital organization derives incredible value from its data through the Google Cloud intelligent analytics platform. At its core is BigQuery, a cloud-based enterprise data warehouse that helps you develop, implement, and scale data management from innovative applications for digital transformation.

In this article, we’ll show you how businesses are modernizing to discover new opportunities with BigQuery.

First and foremost, BigQuery helps you run critical applications to optimize operating systems, improve customer experience, and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). This applies to every company, regardless of its industry direction: retail, telecommunications, financial services, etc.

For example, KeyBank, a financial company, migrated to BigQuery to scale and reduce costs, which it could not achieve from the previous data warehouse. “We are modernizing our data analytics strategy from local storage to Google Cloud BigQuery,” said Michael Onders, the chief digital officer at Keybank. “This transformation will help us easily scale our compute and storage needs and lower our total cost of ownership. The smart analytics platform of Google Cloud will give us access to a broad ecosystem of data transformation tools and state-of-the-art machine learning tools to easily generate insights and get new results.”

Another example is ANZ Bank, which reduced the analysis time for one table from five days to 20 seconds. Both financial companies are modernizing their data analytics strategies and making their businesses competitive.

Innovation simplifies migration and improves price prediction

Google helps make it easy to modernize your data warehouse with BigQuery. Previously announced new capabilities allow organizations to democratize modern analytics, have confidence in price predictions, and make it easier to migrate at scale.

  • Simplified migration at scale. Organizations can quickly migrate data from local storage to BigQuery with RedShift and S3 public migration tools. Migrating from Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 directly to BigQuery using the BigQuery Data Transfer Service has helped organizations like the John Lewis Partnership, Home Depot, Reddit, and Discord accelerate their business by freeing them from productivity and analytics constraints from Teradata and Redshift.

“Migration from Redshift to BigQuery changed the game plan for our organization,” says Spencer Aiello, CTO and Manager of Machine Learning at Discord. “We have overcome potential limitations while fearlessly unlocking new opportunities for our business.”

  • Enterprise readiness and price forecasting. Enterprise businesses need accurate price forecasts for planning, which is why Google recently launched BigQuery Reservations. They also announced the availability of a beta version of BigQuery Flex Slots, which allows you to instantly increase or decrease the content of BigQuery data without harming the forecast.

Thanks to Flex Slots, it became possible to purchase BigQuery obligations in a short time – almost in a second. This allows organizations to respond instantly to rapid demand for analytics and plan for key business events such as retail holidays and game launches.

Google also tentatively announced the availability of beta column-level access controls in BigQuery. Thanks to this, you can have an access policy applied not only at the level of the data container but also to the value and/or content in the columns of the enterprise data store.

Democratization of advanced analytics. BigQuery BI Engine goes public. So organizations can now analyze large and complex datasets interactively, with a 2-second response time and a large interactive dashboard and reporting. Here’s what a Fortune 500 media spokesperson using the BI Engine said: “To provide a variety of insights to our editors, journalists, and management promptly, it is essential for us to get answers quickly. Once we started using the BigQuery BI Engine, we saw a significant increase in productivity with the existing Data Studio dashboards – everyone is filtering and exploring the data they receive as quickly as possible. ”

All of these innovations and more are helping companies kickstart their digital transformation with ease.

It’s no secret that Google is investing heavily in its partner program and is working with global and regional integrators (GSIs) and other technical partners to make it easier for organizations to migrate from the planning stage and offer expertise.

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