Maintaining the seamless workflow of the IT infrastructure on GCP

09 December 2020

About the customer: Weblium –  international cloud SaaS-platform with a headquarter located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Universal site constructor (DIY) is the main project of the company. The principle constructor’s concept is creating a stylish modern adaptive site yourself without any programmers and designers.

Industry: Software & Internet

Project Start Date: July 2019

Project Finish Date: February 2020

The Challenge: Any SaaS-platform is supposed to have its project’s IT infrastructure be under a high pressure. Every work stage (especially at the intensive growth and start-up start periods) has a need for flexible capacity and, of course, assured high SLA scaling. The parallel task was to create a comfortable ecosphere of communication and document interchange in an employee staff (70 + people), and it’s successfully performed by Google Workspace (ex. G Suite).

The Solution: All of the server structure is located on Google Cloud. Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) became the main used and easy-to-scale resource for multicluster service net with minimal response time, security and reliable data coding.

The Results: Annual increment of the main platform’s users – 70%. The positive result for the Weblium constructor’s services end-user – is the Google Cloud CDN-based CDN. It has brought tangible factual results for Weblium’s clients – speedy content provision to the site visitors.

Technology: Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google Compute Engine (GCE), Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)

Customer Quote: We’ve got countable IT-infrastructure’s quality rates that are expressed in a more competitive lower price. Stable work and reasonable price for services of a high-quality. That’s fantastic!”

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