How ISIDA systematizes patient data with the help of Google Drive Enterprise

23 September 2020

About the customer:  ISIDA Clinic is one of the largest health and family planning centers in Ukraine. Currently, over 770 employees, 184 of whom are the experienced doctors with the corresponding higher categories, are working at the ISIDA clinic. ISIDA comprises four Kyiv-based clinics with a total area of 10,000 m2. Every building is equipped with advanced diagnostic, laboratory and medical equipment.

Industry: Healthcare

Project Start Day15.01.2020

Project End Day 01.04.2020

The Challenge  The clinic was looking for a solution to integrate the medical information system with a software tool for better administration of graphic content of patients. It was important that the solution met such requirements as confidentiality, ease of use, the API presence and the comprehensible cost of service using.

The Solution After implementing the integration of the medical information system with Google Drive Enterprise, all external links published on Google Drive Enterprise are stored in the patient’s medical record. This allows centralized and quick patient data management by employees of various departments without using additional software.

The Results – ISIDA Clinic patients get access to their data in a convenient and comprehensible way.

Time that a doctor spends on publishing patient’s data, has been reduced by more than twice.

The restoration time for a lost link to access data has been reduced by more than 5 times.

The Technology – Google Drive Enterprise

Customer Quote – ISIDA team is always one of the first to implement high-tech solutions that enable us to provide a high level service to our patients.

With the Cloudfresh by Techsvit team, we have implemented software and hardware projects. That’s why we referred to our partner to find the  solutions for our users’ data cloud storage.

The main requirements were: confidentiality, ease of use, availability of API, and the comprehensible cost of service using.

 We are fully satisfied with the suggested solution and the Google Drive Enterprise service for implementation in ISIDA.

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