Alfa-Bank Ukraine updated chat support and launched a knowledge base for customers

29 December 2020

June 9, 2020 Alfa-Bank Ukraine updated a unified chat support platform and launched a knowledge base for customers, based on a Zendesk solution, an international leader in the delivery of customer support solutions through digital channels. We will tell you what is already available for customers and how the bank will change the online customer experience.

Updated online chat. The ability to send files to chat is the first noticeable change in chat support that is already available to customers. In the next stages, the bank’s team will expand the functionality and coverage of the service to other channels.

The updated chat on the Zendesk platform is already available for:

In the next stages, unified chat support will be available in popular messengers Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and other online services.

Knowledge base. A unique knowledge base in the form of Q&A about the products and services of Alfa-Bank Ukraine is already available on the websites for individuals and for entrepreneurs. The knowledge base, on the contrary to impersonal FAQs, or “frequently asked questions,” is based on real-life experiences and customer questions that come in a single online chat. Support agents will add useful articles to the knowledge base, as well as improve the previously created array of information, by means of analyzing customer questions and searches.

The task of the knowledge base is to provide customers with an additional self-service tool that will be helpful anytime in easy and quick receiving of verified information about the products and services of the bank, without spending time and effort on correspondence with support agents or calling the contact center.

“Alfa-Bank is a bank that is easy, pleasant, and free of scripts and formalisms in communication. The transition to the Zendesk platform will allow us to improve the customer experience of online communication with the bank by ability for the bank to consolidate customer inquiries from all possible online channels, and for customers to quickly receive verified information about the bank’s products and services in self-service mode,” commented the head of customer service development in digital channels Vyacheslav Skorbezh.

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