API development using Google Apigee cloud platform

Apigee is a platform that extends any developed REST APIs with an additional infrastructure level. This level is an interface between the application or a user and the services that constitute the API. When using Apigee, a developer writes and deploys the code, while the platform deals with all other issues, such as API state and event analysis, monetization, security, etc. REST API deployment is not about just writing a code in any programming language and its deployment on the application server. It involves the need to maintain version control, provide secure and trouble-free operation of the services, employ monetization mechanisms, run continuous analysis of states and processes that use the API. All these functions are implemented by Apigee, thus freeing the developers from the need to implement them on their own.

Simple REST API deployment


Basic Apigee concept

Implementation of the control functions mentioned above on an individual proxy server which serves an interface between the user (the application) and the API implemented by the developer. This means that the API itself can be located anywhere, on any platform, can migrate between platforms changing its address characteristics, while staying transparent for the user. This frees the developer from the need to make changes in the code depending on these actions.

Deployment and connection using one console

It is this console where the work on API proxy deployment and its connection with the developer’ services will be done. The console is user-friendly and easy to use. API configuration is done through filling in or activation of graphic elements, and using XML when customizing worker threads. When building client query processing threads, individual elements (policies) can use code written in such languages as JavaScript or Python.

Apigee Edge proxy server architecture

API proxy is composed of two parts: the proxy endpoint designed to organize client query processing worker threads that can run prior to their processing, during client query processing and after responding to the client, and the target endpoint designed to establish proxy interaction with back end services of the developer’s API using a similar set of worker thread types. Worker threads process sequences of query processing policies established by the developer.

Interaction with the outside world and security

Apigee provides a transparent interface of client REST queries to the developer’s services.

Integration with Google Cloud

Apigee has simple tools for integration with Google Cloud Platform services, which allows making it more powerful.

Simple monetization

Monetize the use of your service by the developers. Create different monetization plans that will charge the developers for using your API.

Three Apigee systems that form the basis of the Platform

  • loading Apigee Edge
  • loading Apigee Monetization
  • loading Apigee Sense

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