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May 28, 1 PM CET

Zero Trust Fundamentals: Leveraging Okta to Meet Key Cybersecurity Regulations

Looking for the framework to strengthen your organization's security and compliance? Join our webinar to learn about the Zero Trust architecture fundamentals, assess your maturity in this model, and experience how Okta’s solutions specifically address the challenges faced by cloud-forward organizations.
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Key Takeaways:

Evolution of Zero Trust Security: Learn about the origin of shifting security perimeter and the necessity of the Zero Trust framework in today's cybersecurity landscape.

Assess Your Zero Trust Maturity: Engage interactively with our real-time assessment during the webinar to identify your current stage and get personalized recommendations on how to advance your organization’s security strategy.

Hear Practical Insights: Gain a deeper understanding through real-world use cases and success stories detailing the implementation of the Zero Trust framework.

Okta’s Identity-Powered Security Solutions for Your Zero Trust Strategy: Explore the specific features and benefits of Okta's solutions, demonstrating how they address the security and compliance challenges enterprises face today.


Julia Kyrychuk
Implementation Specialist, Cloudfresh
Yuliia is an implementation manager focusing on implementing Okta, Zendesk, and Google Maps Platform services. She is a certificate professional in Okta, highlighting her commitment to excellence in the field. Yuliia is passionate about innovation in IT and is particularly interested in data-driven solutions, geospatial data, and security services. Her expertise effectively bridges technical skills with industry insights to deliver and implement impactful IAM solutions.

See you soon at the webinar!

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