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October 26, 2023

Navigating Hybrid Work and Security in Microsoft 365

During our webinar, we unlocked the future of hybrid work & security with Microsoft solutions, delved into the topic, explored a real-life story, and witnessed Lenovo hardware's potential for Microsoft meeting rooms.
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Key takeaways

Empower Your Hybrid Workforce: Join us on an exciting voyage into the future of hybrid work and security. Uncover strategies to empower your team's productivity and success.

Real Stories, Real Impact: Immerse yourself in a genuine success story. Discover how a real-life case exemplifies the power of seamless hybrid collaboration.

Lenovo's Game-Changing Edge: Explore the boundless possibilities Lenovo hardware brings to Microsoft meeting rooms. Experience enhanced efficiency, connectivity, and innovation.

Your Voice Matters: Engage in our interactive Q&A session. Your questions fuel our discussion, making this a collaborative exploration of the evolving hybrid landscape.


Tudor Bercan
Smart Collaboration BDM for CEE at Lenovo
Tudor is an experienced professional with 15+ years of proven track record in sales and business development in the telecommunication industry. Being a Smart Collaboration BDM at Lenovo, he always combines his daily work sales skills with technical competencies. He constantly exceeds targets and proved to be an excellent communicator and expert in running negotiations. Tudor is a strategic planner with a successful background in channel management and market development in an international business environment.
Penio Penev
Head of Business Applications, Sopharma Group
Penio is a hands-on manager with more than thirty years in project management and consulting. In his current role at Sopharma Group, Penio is reorganizing the way the pharma business is supported by software systems, digital processes, and infrastructure. In his previous role, he was responsible for the complete IT landscape of a large multinational group, including the HQ working process migration to hybrid during and after the COVID pandemic years.
Pavel Soukup
Pavel boasts a strong professional background, with significant experience gained during his tenure at AVG Antivirus Company. During his time there, he played a pivotal role in spearheading the implementation of Office 365 and Azure, which greatly enhanced AVG's capacity for dynamic growth on a large scale. Subsequently, Pavel transitioned to the largest enterprise investment company, which manages a diverse portfolio encompassing real estate, hospitality, and various other services. In his capacity at CIMEX, he has overseen the migration of over 90% of the organization's infrastructure to the Azure cloud platform, demonstrating a strong commitment to cutting-edge technological solutions and efficient infrastructure management.
Maksym Kushchenko
Professional Collaboration and CX Engineer, Cloudfresh
Maksym is a dynamic professional specializing in Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 solutions, and generative AI experiences. With a keen focus on transformative technologies, Maksym brings innovative approaches to optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity. His expertise is leveraging cutting-edge tools to drive efficiency for Cloudfresh's clients.

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Watch the video