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How to Deliver High-Value Results Using the Latest Features and Generative AI from Google Workspace

Keep up with the latest Google Workspace product updates and harness your collaboration with cutting-edge AI solutions.
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Key Takeways

Entering the new era of AI: Discover the full potential of Google Workspace's latest available features
What's next: The upcoming generative AI experiences to streamline your teams' collaboration
Get more done in less time: More freshest product enhancements to increase the helpfulness of Google Workspace.
Customer Success Case: Learn practical insights from Jooble, an international job search company whose website is used daily by millions of people in 69 countries.

Our speakers

Anna Koronowska
Google Workspace Territory Manager, Central Eastern Europe at Google
Anna Koronowska is a Google Workspace Territory Manager in the CEE region. Working with SMB and corporate businesses for 7+ years at Google Cloud and before at one of the biggest Software Houses in the CEE region Netguru. She is passionate about new technologies and utilizing them to create a better work-life balance and increase productivity.
Oleh Maksymovych
General Manager at Cloudfresh
Oleh is a certified Google Cloud Digital Leader who has completed hundreds of Google Workspace tool implementation projects for businesses across various industries. As an advanced Google Workspace user, he helped many companies migrate to Google Workspace tools and improve their workflows. He has extensive expertise in Google Workspace deployment, business transformation, infrastructure modernization, and SaaS technologies.
Dmytro Myhur
Head of IT Support at Jooble
Dmytro has been working at Jooble for nearly nine years. Starting as a Helpdesk team member, he has since risen to Head of IT Support, overseeing both the Helpdesk and System Administrators teams. In this current role, Dmytro is responsible for ensuring smooth coordination within the teams, facilitating effective inter-team communication, and managing the overall IT infrastructure of the company. He maintains seamless collaboration in the company by implementing new solutions, such as Google Workspace.
Oleksandr Vakula
Sales Executive at Cloudfresh
Oleksandr is a Google Workspace expert, and certified Cloud Digital Leader. Having a 10 year of experience in commerce, and working with corporate clients and partners, Oleksandr has proved the strong product expertise. Now, he is responsible for implementing and supporting Google Workspace solutions to multiple companies. Oleksandr has valuable knowledge in providing various professional services, and establishing state-of-art team collaboration with Google Workspace products.

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Watch the video