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August 29, 2023

How to boost your DevSecOps productivity with the GitLab AI-powered features

Learn about GitLab's AI vision and roadmap from company reps and the Cloudfresh team, get acquainted with AI-assisted solutions that can boost efficiency and reduce cycle times in every phase of software development lifecycle.
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Key takeaways:

DevSecOps and AI. How is AI reshaping developers' roles and what is new in GitLab's AI strategy

GitLab Duo: what are the capabilities of AI feature and how it will advance DevSecOps

Live demo of GitLab's Code Suggestions that accelerate your team’s coding while keeping it protected

Overview of new MLOps features for developing personal AI-s

Our speakers:

Péter Bozsó
Senior Solutions Architect, GitLab
Péter is a Channel Solution Architect at GitLab. His background is more on the Dev side of DevOps: he is a software engineer by trade. Before joining GitLab, he spent most of his time designing and implementing large-scale cloud-native applications. These days he is mainly interested in development tooling, software security, and AI.
Ilya Groz
GitLab Professional Services Engineer, Cloudfresh
Illya is a GitLab Certified Services Engineer Professional, who has a wealth of expertise in cloud computing and IT administration. With a profound understanding of GitLab, Google Workspace, GCP services implementation, and administration, Ilya excels at streamlining and optimizing workflows within cloud-based environments.