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March 5, 2024, 11 AM CET

Heading Towards Team Excellence: Collaborate, Streamline and Automate with Google Workspace

During the webinar, we discussed how Google Workspace all-in-one solutions automate processes, streamline collaboration, and drive your teams to success.

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Unleash Productivity: Get things done faster and collaborate seamlessly with Google Workspace all-in-one solution

Get Practical Insights: Proven success case on Google Workspace solutions from NIX, global software development provider

Hands-on Exploration with a Demo Session: Tips & tricks on how to setup your workspace for smooth collaboration

Engage and Learn: Q&A Session with our experts


Dominik Zeligowski
Territory Manager, Google Workspace
Being a Territory Manager at Google, Dominik is responsible for growing the usage and adoption of the Google Workspace product stack across the CEE region. He is a seasoned professional with a strong Business Relationship Management, Growth Management, and Business Development background. Dominik is known for exceptional interpersonal skills and in-depth industry knowledge, which have consistently fostered productive client relationships, driving both client satisfaction and impressive business outcomes. Proficient in forecasting and committed to achieving sustained growth in sales and projects.
Ilya Groz
Solution Engineer, Cloudfresh
Ilya is an IT professional with extensive experience in cloud-based solutions, primarily focusing on Google Workspace and GitLab. He has successfully managed numerous projects involving the migration and implementation of these platforms. In addition to his practical experience, Ilya holds certifications from Google Workspace, Google Education, GitLab, Okta, and Chrome OS, which corroborate his expertise in these technologies. His work primarily revolves around enhancing organizational efficiency and collaboration through the strategic deployment of cloud services.
Ruslan Barabash
Process Engineer in the Business Development Team,NIX
With more than seven years of experience in the IT industry, Ruslan has a proven track record of success in process improvement, business process management, and sales. He is passionate about building effective and efficient processes that simplify daily routines for teams on different levels.

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Watch the video