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April 9, 2024, 1 PM CET

The GitLab Genie: Unleashing the Power of Automated DevOps

Join our expert session to explore how GitLab Auto DevOps serves as a magic wand, effortlessly enhancing projects’ delivery from start to finish. It is ideal for business leaders eager to innovate their operations and boost ROI by achieving quicker wins in the competitive business landscape.
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Key Takeaways:

Boosting ROI: Explore how GitLab maximizes your return on investment by automating workflows, improving efficiency, and reducing time-to-market for products and new features.

Showcasing GitLab Auto DevOps: Learn about GitLab automation capacities for the entire pipeline from code to deployment, ensuring the projects are delivered with speed and quality.

Real-World Applications: Gain insights into practical outcomes and efficiencies realized by businesses adopting these cutting-edge practices, setting a new standard for speed and quality in project delivery.

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Péter Bozsó
Partner Solutions Architect, GitLab
Péter is a Partner Solutions Architect at GitLab. His background is more on the Dev side of DevOps: he is a software engineer by trade. Before joining GitLab, he spent most of his time designing and implementing large-scale cloud-native applications. These days, he is mainly interested in development tooling, software security, and AI.
Ilya Groz
GitLab Professional Services Engineer, Cloudfresh
Illya is a GitLab Certified Services Engineer Professional with a wealth of cloud computing and IT administration expertise. With a profound understanding of GitLab, Google Workspace, GCP services implementation, and administration, Ilya excels at streamlining and optimizing workflows within cloud-based environments.
Anatoliy Poberezhnyk
Sales Executive​, Cloudfresh
Anatoliy is a GitLab expert at Cloudfresh. With his deep understanding of GitLab's capabilities and a passion for tech solutions, Anatoliy specializes in tailoring GitLab's comprehensive suite to meet the unique needs of businesses across various sectors. His expertise has guided numerous organizations toward optimizing their DevOps practices, enhancing collaboration, and significantly improving their ROI.
Sergey Kupletsky
Software Engineering Team Lead
Sergey is a Team Leader and Backend Developer (PHP/Node.js) in Mitgo with 10+ years of experience in web development. He's passionate about CI/CD, tests, and documentation because they help automate development and make it more transparent.

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