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Efficient work management with Asana: from daily tasks to global processes

The event was held in Russian
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Key takeaways

Analytics "Anatomy of Work" from Asana: What difficulties do employees experience in the process of work
How to stay in control of projects and complete tasks on time with real-time visibility across all company levels
How do you bring people, work, and technology together so that the team feels more confident, moves faster, and achieves more with less
Case study: How did the ISKER Consortium team improve work processes and increase productivity with Asana

Watch the webinar video

Watch the video


Yusuf Zhusupbekov
Head of business processes, ISKER Consortium
A specialist in the field of optimizing business processes in the area of sales, an expert in customer support and connecting B2C clients to telecommunications services. Previously, he worked in the telecommunications sector, particularly in large companies such as Kcell JSC and Kazakhtelecom JSC. Yusuf has a wealth of knowledge in business process organization and customer experience improvement, interacts with all departments of the organization, and oversees the intragroup companies of the ISKER Consortium.
Vitaly Safanyuk
Chief of Products & Projects, Cloudfresh
An expert in the field of digital transformation and innovative solutions in the field of cloud technologies. He has many years of experience bringing innovative products to the market in the B2B segment and significant professional expertise in building business processes in leading telecommunications operators such as Kyivstar, Ukrtelecom, Lifecell, and Vodafone Ukraine. Vitaliy is responsible for developing the product line at Cloudfresh and oversees the implementation of Asana, Google Cloud, Google Workspace, Zendesk, and GitLab projects in the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.