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Professional DevOps certifications: How and why to get them. Examples of GitLab and Google Cloud Platform

Join us to discuss the need for DevOps certifications for you or your team, to decide where to start with the help of our experts, and to get our best practices for passing the exams.
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The agenda

Importance of Certifications: Do companies pay attention to the certifications, if it is necessary to have an experience with GitLab to pass the exams, what level of expertise is required to get the certificate, and much more?
Obtaining certifications: available certifications and their relevance to your needs, how to prepare for exams, and where to find valuable resources for passing them.
Practical experience: our own experience and insights that our specialists have gained while passing certifications.
Networking: our meetup is not a training program. It is an opportunity to build useful and inspiring connections with the DevOps community that shares your interests.


Pavlo Ivanishchin
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, IOPS.TEAM
An expert with 7 years of experience in DevOps. He has successfully implemented more than 40 projects. Since 2017, Pavlo has been mentoring and training employees. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science (MCS). Under his guidance and mentoring, almost 20 people have gained expertise in DevOps. He has also taught robotics to children.
Vitaly Safanyuk
Chief of Products & Projects, Cloudfresh
An expert in the field of digital transformation and innovative solutions in the field of cloud technologies. He has many years of experience bringing innovative products to the market in the B2B segment and significant professional expertise in building business processes in leading telecommunications operators such as Kyivstar, Ukrtelecom, Lifecell, and Vodafone Ukraine. Vitaliy is responsible for developing the product line at Cloudfresh and oversees the implementation of Asana, Google Cloud, Google Workspace, Zendesk, and GitLab projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
Maksym Datsenko
Chief Technology Officer, Cloudfresh
Communication and information technology professional, Maksym has extensive corporate IT expertise. It covers computing, storage technologies, and business software, with over 25 years in various technical, sales, and management roles in enterprise IT and communication suppliers, including Fujitsu, Huawei, and SAP. He is a Cloud Technologies evangelist with experience working with pre-cloud technologies when the word Cloud didn't even mean something in IT world. Maksym is leading the Google Cloud Platform department in Cloudfresh, developing projects in architecting, building, migration, optimizing, and maintaining customers' IT infrastructures in Cloud.
Andriy Hetsko
DevOps Engineer, Cloudfresh
With several years of experience in the field, Andriy has developed a deep understanding of DevOps methodologies. He holds several professional certifications in DevOps, including GitLab Certified DevOps Professional, GitLab Certified CI/CD Associate, etc.
Vladyslav Zubko
DevOps Engineer, Cloudfresh
Vladyslav is a DevOps expert with Cloud Engineer certifications. At Cloudfresh, Vladyslav advises clients to choose the best cloud solutions for their business and implement CI/CD methodology in their infrastructure.
Danylo Kondiuk
DevOps Engineer, Cloudfresh
Danylo works with configuring and managing virtual machines, containers, and networks in the cloud and can automate the deployment, scaling, and monitoring of infrastructure. He understands cloud security best practices and can apply them to ensure system security and reliability.

Watch the video

Watch the video