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May 23, 2024

BigQuery & Looker Dream Team: From Data Insights to Business Decisions

On this webinar, we discussed how BigQuery and Looker solutions can enable business with lower data costs, cloud flexibility, on-demand scale, and limitless innovation within an intelligent data ecosystem.
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BigQuery Value for All-Size Businesses: Features, Benefits, Use Cases, and Collaboration with Cloudfresh

Democratizing Data Insights for Everyone with Looker: Capabilities, Interface, Integrations

Looker Self-Service Demo Session: Mastering Looker Dashboards

Q&A Session with Cloudfresh and Google Cloud Experts


Maksym Datsenko
Chief Technology Officer, Cloudfresh
Communication and information technology professional, Maksym has extensive corporate IT expertise. It covers computing, storage technologies, and business software, with over 25 years in various technical, sales, and management roles in enterprise IT and communication suppliers, including Fujitsu, Huawei, and SAP. He is a Cloud Technologies evangelist with experience working with pre-cloud technologies when the word Cloud didn't even mean something in IT world. Maksym is leading the Google Cloud Platform department in Cloudfresh, developing projects in architecting, building, migration, optimizing, and maintaining customers' IT infrastructures in Cloud.
Charles Ferrari
Customer Engineer, Google Cloud
Charles is a Customer Engineer at Google Cloud, dedicated to assisting businesses in harnessing the power of Google's cloud computing platform. He collaborates directly with clients to ensure a seamless and successful implementation of Google Cloud solutions, offering technical expertise and ongoing support to optimize their cloud journey. With over four years of in-depth experience with Looker, Charles has worked extensively with startups and provided startup coaching. Holding an MSC in Service Design and Engineering with a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, he continuously empowers clients to translate raw data into actionable insights using Google Cloud's business intelligence platform.

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