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June 12, 2024

Asana Intelligence: Human-Centered AI for Smarter Work

On June 12, 2024, we hosted an online webinar, during which we discover how human-centered AI, Asana Intelligence, can revolutionize your productivity. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from experts and transform the way you work. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to smarter work!
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Key takeaways

Maximize Impact: Learn how to use AI features in Asana to automate routine tasks, prioritize work, and streamline project workflows, ultimately boosting productivity.

Drive Clarity and Accountability: Discover how Asana's AI capabilities can help you set and achieve business-critical goals with greater confidence and precision.

See Asana AI in Action: Experience a live demo showcasing the powerful AI capabilities in Asana and how they can transform your project management processes.

Explore Success Stories: Hear real-life case studies demonstrating how other businesses have successfully integrated Asana's AI tools into their workflows.


Max Nakhutin
Asana Sales Team Lead, Cloudfresh
Max is an Asana expert at Cloudfresh. With his extensive expertise and skills, he excels in creating customized processes, goals, and objectives in Asana for businesses in different industries. Max has successfully helped many companies streamline their workflows by implementing Asana and adopting a project-focused approach to manage their tasks more efficiently. His knowledge and commitment have been crucial in helping companies to enhance productivity and achieve desired results.
Burak Okumus
Solutions Engineer, Asana
Tech professional who is passionate about problem-solving, learning, and growth. Burak has been working with cloud technologies as a Presales/Solution Engineer. Burak enjoys helping customers overcome their challenges by understanding their goals and guiding them to the optimal solution. Burak holds a Bachelor's Degree in computer engineering and 10 years of work experience in tech including software development and solutions engineering roles.

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