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February 28, 2024

Asana: Integrate and Collaborate in One System for All Business Processes

We hosted a webinar that explored how Asana can help businesses unify their processes and projects in one comprehensive solution, enhancing collaboration, transparency, and cost reduction. The webinar featured experts from Asana and Cloudfresh, who shared their insights on how to leverage Asana to streamline operations.
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Key takeaways

Explore how Asana serves as a central hub, integrating various business processes from Sales and Marketing to Accounting into one cohesive system for maximum efficiency and transparency.

Hear firsthand from our client guest speaker as they share their success story with Asana, including the challenges they faced and the successes they achieved in their business processes.

Experience a live demo showcasing the user-friendly features of Asana and its AI capabilities.

Take advantage of a special offer available exclusively to webinar attendees.


Max Nakhutin
Asana Sales Team Lead, Cloudfresh
Max is an Asana expert at Cloudfresh. With his extensive expertise and skills, he excels in creating customized processes, goals, and objectives in Asana for businesses in different industries. Max has successfully helped many companies streamline their workflows by implementing Asana and adopting a project-focused approach to manage their tasks more efficiently. His knowledge and commitment have been crucial in helping companies to enhance productivity and achieve desired results.
Olha Komisarchuk
Project Manager, Cloudfresh
As a Project Manager at Cloudfresh, Olha has gained extensive expertise in enabling businesses across diverse industries to harness the full potential of a range of Zendesk solutions. She is an expert in cultivating enduring long-term partnerships and extracting for the customers the maximum value from CRM solutions. Olha is responsible for providing Zendesk Professional Services such as training, auditing, and implementation. Through her work, she has empowered numerous clients across various sectors to achieve proficiency in areas including customer experience, team collaboration, analytics, and customer success management.
Weronika Naklicka
Corporate & Enterprise Account Executive, Asana
Weronika is a seasoned professional in the realm of project management, renowned for their expertise in sales and collaboration tools. With a career spanning across Salesforce and Docusign, Weronika has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to streamlining processes and driving business growth.
Jitka Pancová
Product Marketing Manager, ROUVY
Jitka is a Product Marketing Manager at ROUVY and aligns product and marketing needs and drives go-to-market strategies for product features and web enhancements. As a key member of the Growth team, she is fostering an experimental mindset within the company. Additionally, she leverages her expertise in project management, using platforms like Asana to support a team in achieving their objectives.

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