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"GCP helped us accomplish this task and proved to be a reliable solution for our infrastructure."

How product start-up has entirely migrated to Google Cloud Platform

About the customer: Viewst – is an online banner and advertising creating service. It enables people with no experience to creating professional advertisements from scratch within minutes.

Industry: Software & Internet

Project Start Date: August 26, 2020

Project Finish Date: September 21, 2020

The Challenge: Viewst product is designed for different IT solutions: partly on-premise, partly in the cloud. Maintenance of such an infrastructure is complicated and laborious in conditions of the dynamic product growth, so Viewst decided to migrate the product to GCP – the complex platform with an automatic scaling ability.

The Solution: We’ve planned a new architecture on GCP and a step-by-step migration plan, after the analysis of the existing infrastructure. After the migration, the product uses the following GCP services: Load Balancer, Cloud VPN, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud SQL, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Cloud Build.

The Results: Client has migrated the product to the GCP, and, as a result, has achieved an ability to manage all its IT infrastructure in one console, reduced the workload on IT specialists, and directed its resources to the products. The client has also solved the resource scaling problem.

Customer Quote: “Viewst is a fast-growing startup that now requires stronger infrastructure than ever before. Product development is the key priority for us, so it becomes obvious that we have to eliminate risks associated with fault tolerance and scaling of IT infrastructure. GCP helped us to run this task and proved to be a reliable solution for our infrastructure.“

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